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Stress-Free Weaning

Saddle and Stirrups – Issue 35

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October Photos

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David Steele Baily 1944-2013

David, my sister Katie’s husband, passed away in May, losing his battle with cancer.  He did get to stay at home, and it was such a comfort to be at home.

David loved so many things, but one of them was photography.   One of the reasons we have such an extensive library of horse photos and family photos is because he was always taking pictures!   Below is an album of some of his photography work and some pictures  of him and our family.  I tried to pick horse photos that were recognizable and some that people have never seen.    Just click on the photo to see it full size.

The memorial service for him was beautiful, with poems, readings, singing and prepared remembrances.  What was surprising and touching though, were the unprepared remarks from the congregation.   The service lasted almost two hours with people telling stories, sharing pranks and recalling kindnesses.   They said that David continued to show them how to live, even up to the very end.   Just the Friday before he died, he made it to the weekly coffee get-together in Collinsville.  Living life to the fullest; always an adventure.

The part that got to me though was when my sister read.  LOVE by Ray Croft.  I don’t know how she could do it.  I just bawled.   “I love you not for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.”   For the whole reading, follow this link.  It is beautiful.   http://rinabeana.com/poemoftheday/index.php/category/roy-croft/

We will love you forever, David!   Thank you.




SW Update – 2011 SW Award winners

The SW Award Program recognizes your efforts to promote the awesome Marchador breed using a SW Marchador (bred, sold or imported).   Getting our Marchadors in the spotlight – out into national or local all-breed events is not only fun, it helps others to see the quality, versatility and performance of the breed.   Any horse purchased from Summerwind, their foals or the product of a breeding from or to a Summerwind horse is eligible.
We couldn’t be happier that this year’s big winner was Laurie Klassen and Beethoven do Summerwind.  Read their story and you will agree!
Congratulations, Laurie and Beethoven!  (cheers and tears of joy!) 

The 2011 SW Award Winners are:

Over 10 points:
  • Laurie Klassen, owner, Beethoven do Summerwind  $500
  • Laurie Klassen, rider, Beethoven do Summerwind, $100
Over 5 points: No winners
1-4 points – Land’s End Gift Certificate
  • Kristy Everson and Amadeus do Summerwind
  • Rox Rogers and La Paz Jivago
  • Marli Wood and Caesar do Summerwind
Laurie’s Winning Entry
  • IberianBreed Demo.  June 11
  • Dressage/jumpingcamp. June 27- July 1
  • Inner citykids and horses day. (EAL )  July 13
  • CompetitiveTrail Challenge.   June 25 and July 23
  • Gaited clinic  Aug 12-14
  • HeritageDays Parade.  Aug 20
  • All BreedGaited Show Sept 2-4
Laurie and Beethoven - blue ribbon winners!
In addition, we participated in many trail rides, horse camping, ground and water training. (I believe he will need the services of a psychologist to totally rise above his waterphobia 🙂 )  We also logged many miles endurance training.   (Beethoven has a strong opinion about endurance…boring! ) Lastly, I started him on cattle before winter came.


SW Update – Chanel de Miami 1996-2011





Chanel de Miami, pure Herdade bloodlines! The smoothest horse we ever rode.

In memory of our special Chanel:  She didn’t have enough time on earth, but we were happy to have shared it with her. Pure Herdade bloodlines, super beautiful, sweet and smooth. We will miss you until we die.


Chanel was a FOUNDATION Mangalarga Marchador mare, probably with the best picada gait we have ever ridden. The daughter of a champion Calciolandia mare, Verbena owned by the Guerra family. Other Verbena offspring were Folha da Calciolandia, MT, Batuque de Miami, CA and Feitico de Miami, FL. All were wonderfully smooth gaited horses. 

Chanel passed on her beauty and smooth gait to all her foals. Two remain with us now: John’s riding horse, Artemis do Summerwind and Enya do Summerwind, her orphan foal who we will keep. Caesar do Summerwind is in CA with Marli Wood and Destiny do Summerwind is in TX with Gayle Hamilton.

Enya do Summerwind carries on the regal lineage. Pictured with admirer Audrey Everson.

It is a great loss to us and also for the US Marchadors to lose such a good breeding mare. Her 2 daughters will carry on the Herdade genes.