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In Print

Summerwind Marchadors got a lot of help from our friends: Adrienne Scheck, Carolina Peterson, Connie Claire and D.j. Sims Klein to write this article “Marchadors in Sport” and have great photos! Thank you so much!

Each person wrote about their Summerwind Marchador and the sport they chose – working equitation; mounted archery; eventing.

Summerwind (Kharisma do Summerwind and Servando Garcia) have the cover and an article in HorseMan’s News and the article was also in Riding magazine. Please email, call or text if you would like a paper copy (futurefoal@gmail.com, 602-999-3915)

To view the magazines, you can follow these links:

Horseman’s News

Riding Magazine

Marchadors have also made 3 other publications recently and all covers!

To see past issues of Marchadors in 2022 magazines, you can get them all online by clicking the links below.

The Sound Advocate – Haras Vista da Serra

The Elite Equestrian – Alessandra Deerinck, Human Horse Sensing

Horseman’s News – Rancho Linda Marchadores

July Summer Camps

Taught and managed by D.j. Sims of Silver Stables, but using Summerwind Marchador horses mostly. This year a few people brought up their horses up for camp too! It was a full month of three-day events with kids that were experienced riders and kids that sometimes had little or no experience. We had one group from Arizona, and the others were “locals” – either vacationing or living here in Pagosa Springs.

Marchador horses and kids go together!

Thanks to D.j. and Elizabeth Sims for the time and effort into planning, driving, teaching and doing all the other activities that went into another success.

Here are some photos from the camps! The horses and the kids were awesome!!! Summerwind Marchadors used were Artemis do Summerwind, Caboclo da Piedade, Caesar do Summerwind, Hawke do Summerwind, Koyote Libertas. Joining us from Arizona were Fidalgo do Summerwind, Sabela da Tranquility, and Topsy, a very cute pony.

Stress-Free Weaning

Saddle and Stirrups – Issue 35

Please click on the pictures below to view larger to read the article!  Also available on your ipad!

You can also view other Saddle and Stirrups issues where the Marchador is featured!

Subscribe to this innovative ipad magazine today!  Filled with great information, photos and videos.  The Mangalarga Marchador will be featured often.

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October Photos

Click on the photo to see full-size, then hit the back button to return to the photo album.

David Steele Baily 1944-2013

David, my sister Katie’s husband, passed away in May, losing his battle with cancer.  He did get to stay at home, and it was such a comfort to be at home.

David loved so many things, but one of them was photography.   One of the reasons we have such an extensive library of horse photos and family photos is because he was always taking pictures!   Below is an album of some of his photography work and some pictures  of him and our family.  I tried to pick horse photos that were recognizable and some that people have never seen.    Just click on the photo to see it full size.

The memorial service for him was beautiful, with poems, readings, singing and prepared remembrances.  What was surprising and touching though, were the unprepared remarks from the congregation.   The service lasted almost two hours with people telling stories, sharing pranks and recalling kindnesses.   They said that David continued to show them how to live, even up to the very end.   Just the Friday before he died, he made it to the weekly coffee get-together in Collinsville.  Living life to the fullest; always an adventure.

The part that got to me though was when my sister read.  LOVE by Ray Croft.  I don’t know how she could do it.  I just bawled.   “I love you not for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.”   For the whole reading, follow this link.  It is beautiful.   http://rinabeana.com/poemoftheday/index.php/category/roy-croft/

We will love you forever, David!   Thank you.