Marchador Trip in Planning – Fall 2024

We are planning a trip to visit the Marchadores del Uruguay! It is the farm that exported frozen semen to us from Atrevido do Porto Palmeira (bay tobiano) and we are planning to import frozen semen from a buckskin stallion too.

They have lovely Marchador horses to enjoy – either riding or just exploring our relationship with horses and what they can teach us.

Daniela and Ben are the hosts, allowing guests to live with horses, nature, explore food and well-being. Here are some of the experiences and workshops they offer:

  • Horseback riding in search of our self
  • Trail toward the peace of mind
  • Food to take care of us
  • Exploring the Equine / Human Frontier
  • Mother – Daughter and Horses
  • My Marchador

We will also tour some of Uruguay and probably add some stops in Brazil as well to see old friends or perhaps a competition.

If you are interested in coming, please email or text Lynn Kelley or 602-999-3915.

Checking on dates , flights and planning the itinerary now, but planning for October / November of 2024.