Why design your own foal?

Welcome to the world! We imprint and handle the foals from birth.

Q:  How would I get a Summerwind “Future Foal”?

A: There are three ways to design your next equine partner 1.  Using our frozen semen and your mare.   2.  Using our frozen embryo and your mare or a surrogate mare.  Or 3.  Reserving an SW FUTURE FOAL (xxx “do Summerwind”) using our mares or a surrogate mare, to be born and weaned with us.  It’s an opportunity to reserve a Mangalarga Marchador of the highest quality AND share in the magic of breeding and birth.

Q: What are the advantages of a Summerwind “Future Foal”?

A: For us it is responsible breeding; we only birth foals that are going to great homes.   We commit to our horses for life and we like that in their new owners as well.

For you, it offers the opportunity to design your perfect horse by choosing one of our Mangalarga Marchador foundation mares paired with a world-class stallion.

Little Princesses, Enya do Summerwind and Audrey Everson

We believe there is no better way to create your next equine partner than to raise it from birth.   The bonding, training and fun are priceless.  No worries, we guarantee our foals!

Keep in mind that this is a youngster who you will have to teach.  We work with our foals from day 1.  You need to have patience, confidence, be smarter than your baby and be one step faster than them! But, what a joy it is! If you find you do need some help, there are many, many natural horsemanship trainers that can teach your SW Future Foal and you at the same time. Take the plunge!

Q: What about the wait time until we can ride?

A: We just love working with babies and teaching them on the ground. You will have a partner for life before you ever put a foot in the stirrup! The time goes by so quickly!   If you have no boarding available for a baby, we offer to raise your Future Foal as if it were our own, at our Colorado ranch.   Mountain air, grass and a herd to be part of their life – they are happy horses!   Visitation is encouraged!

Caesar do Summerwind, born in CO, now in CA

Q: Is this “reserving before the horse is born” a new concept?

Not really, many expensive breeds like the German Warmbloods have been offering foals in-utero for generations.  Typically, only the best horses with strong, proven genetics are used.  The buyers can look at the foal production and be fairly confident that the quality will be there!

Q: Isn’t breeding irresponsible when there are so many unwanted horses already?

Tigre do Summerwind, now in NC.. We believe the Mangalarga Marchador to be a special breed and one that will fit  perfectly with many people’s desires and goals.   We would like to create a way for others to share in our discovery and joy.

A:  Our hope is that “do Summerwind horses will always be in a “forever” home.

We commit to the horses we breed as Summerwind Future Foals (named “do Summerwind) for life- to either buy them back or to find them a new home should that become necessary.

But, we also take the situation of unwanted and can-no-longer afford horses seriously.  We formed a Marchador-specfic foundation:     the M Foundation.  We donate to many other horse rescues as well.

The Mangalarga Marchador is still a rare breed in the United States.  We would like to keep the genetic diversity we have and keep the breed strong.  We need to build and maintain a diverse breeding population to succeed.