Shared Ownership / Investment

Get in on the ground floor with investing in the Marchador breed with us!    We offer shared ownership!    We offer shares in our breeding stock – 10% -50%- including breeding stock we may own in Brazil.   Or you can invest in our frozen semen bank.   Investment options start at $5,000.

As a shareholder, you get to participate in the joys of breeding, showing or promoting top Marchadors here or in Brazil at a fraction of the cost of full ownership.  It’s a great way to learn!   You can even try to win at the Brazilian  Nationals!

You also have the rights to keep or sell your share of the products  of any horses you co-own -(embryos or foals) and the Brazilian horse market is very strong!  Here, you are making history establishing the Mangalarga Marchador breed!

KHARISMA DO SUMMERWIND is an example of a breeding animal available for investment options.   Kharisma! is a 2 year old stallion prospect who will be collected for frozen semen and offered for breeding starting in 2020.   Call if you are interested in owning or investing in him.