AZ – Astrud de lazy T

Color: Grey
Markings: None
Breed: Mangalarga Marchador
Date of Birth:  May 2007
Height: 14.2 H
Gait:   Marcha Centro
Registered: ABCCMM & USMMA,  approved for Breeding

Genetic Synopsis:    – Astrud’s color is heterozygous for Grey.   Her original color was buckskin (Bay (AA, Ee) + Cream (CR). She tested negative for any recessive genetic disease alleles. For more, click below.

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Breed to Astrud for great results – for classic Marchador looks, for a steady, unflappable temperament, with an added bonus for lots of color combinations. Her gait is one of the smoothest on the ranch. Astrud is being used mostly on the trail, but has dabbled at Working Equitation too.

Astrud was bred by our great friend, Tresa Smith, PhD., of Montana Marchadors who imported owned both her parents. Astrud is the daughter of Tabatinga Monitor and Pupila de Itajoana.

Astrud Lazy T with new foal Paloma do Summerwind. Photo Jennifer Jeung.

No matter what stallion is paired with her, we expect to be impressed!

Astud’s pedigree shows mainly the Tabatinga bloodlines, but with some influence from Gironda, Abaiba and Herdade too.  She is the granddaughter of ELITE stallions on both sides of her pedigree.

Videos: coming soon.