AZ – Azenha de Maripa

Imported from Brazil!

Color: Red Bay, no markings
Breed: Mangalarga Marchador
Date of Birth: August 2001
Height: 15 Hands
Gait : Marcha Batida
Registered: ABCCMM & approved for Breeding; USMMA

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Azenha will be bred to Jedi in 2021 and then retired from breeding.


Azenha de Maripa is a stunning, beautiful Mangalarga Marchador mare!  When we first saw her in Brazil,  we thought she was a stallion because of her bold movement in the ring. She will take your breath away!

Summerwind_Marchador_horse_3Her personality and intelligence are instantly apparent. She loves people and has a wonderful soft, kind eye.  She has a lot of heart and try in her.  She will give you her all.   Azenha  has a very smooth walking gait and a fast marcha that is also easy riding.  But make no mistake about it, this is a mare who was bred to GO.

The Maripa farm in Brazil is known for breeding beautiful animals and also for focusing on long distance, high energy sport horses – for over 30 years!. Azenha is a great example of their breeding philosophy.  The Maripa genetics are very strong.    Azenha has been competed in Competitive Trail and Endurance.

Azenha is a daughter of the similarly striking Laio de Maripa, an ELITE book stallion in Brazil. Her pedigree and bloodline are unique in the U.S.  She is a mix of Herdade and Abaiba, both traditional bloodlines in Brazil.  For more information on the Mangalarga Marchador bloodlines, jump to this page:  MM Bloodlines.

Future Foal Baby Q 2022, reserved, x Jedi-Knight do Summerwind.