Imported from Brazil!

Color:  Seal Brown
Markings: LR fetlock
Breed: Mangalarga Marchador
Date of Birth: December 1998
Height: 15.1 Hands
Gait:   Marcha Batida
Registered: ABCCMM & approved for Breeding & USMMA

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Acquired in 2014, we are getting to know Gralha and the more we know, the more we love.   She is an exquisite mare with a breathtaking floating movement, she is royalty, for sure!


Preparing for breeding in 2014, we found damage to her uterus and cervix from her last foaling.  Gralha can never carry another foal.  We can produce embryos from her and we have an embryo foal from her born in 2016.

Gralha is now co-owned with another Marchador breeder here in AZ,    D.J. Sims of Silver Stables.  Gralha has  a very fast marcha batida gait – wonderful to ride.   Her temperament is sweet, and she responds to kind and gentle treatment.   D.J. is smitten and we are happy to have her in our breeding program!

Expecting a 2020 foal (x Jedi-Knight do Summerwind) via embryo transplant.