Frozen Semen

SW imported Marchador stallion (frozen semen only) La Paz Jivago. He represents Favacho and Tabatinga foundation bloodlines.  Jivago is a metallic dun color, striking!

We represent major bloodlines of the Marchador breed with frozen semen imported from Brazil or collected from our stallions.

Top-quality, from ELITE book horses, inspected and approved by the ABCCMM for breeding.!

Arun de Maripa, a mix of Favacho, Tabatinga and Abaiba bloodline. Frozen semen available.
Arun de Maripa, a mix of Favacho, Tabatinga and Abaiba bloodline. Frozen semen available in 2015.
Talisma Kafe
Talisma Kafe, JB bloodlines, marcha de centro, he passes on a superior gait – marcha picada or marcha de centro.

In 2020, we offer frozen semen from 12  Marchador stallions.  For 2020, we also offer cooled semen from one US stallion, our own Jedi-Knight do Summerwind, a son of Talisma Kafe, pictured here.

Some quantities of frozen semen are limited.  


Pricing starts at $500 per frozen semen insemination dose.   We recommend buying a minimum of 2  frozen semen insemination doses for breeding.  Each stallion will be priced individually.  Some quantities are limited.
Shipping is about another $500 for the frozen semen tank.
A sample breeding contract is attached.  However, we tailor the contract to fit each buyer, mare and situation!  Click the green text for a sample contract.  frozen semen sample
Oma de Maripa, quite possibly the most beautiful Marchador. Owned by Agro Maripa Intl, SW has frozen semen.

Visit the Select Breeders Library for more information about frozen semen.   Not all mares are good candidates for frozen semen.  Younger mares are better.    You will need a breeding vet experienced and successful using frozen semen.    

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