Nandor do Summerwind

Stud fee:  $900 per insemination dose
Date of Birth: April, 2019
Breed: Mangalarga Marchador
Gait: Marcha Batida
Height: 14.3  H
Registry: ABCCMM, Approved for breeding, USMMA

Click here for Nandor’s pedigree.

Click here for Nandor’s offspring (first expected 2024)

For color, Nandor is a bay roan; homozygous for black (E/E), heterozygous for agouti (A/a) and for roan (Rn/n). He also carries one DMRT3 gene, sometimes called the gait gene. The breeding combinations will be huge.

Nandor was kept a stallion until we could collect and freeze semen. His CA owner is training him for dressage and working equitation, but she will also use him for pure pleasure.

Breed to him for beauty, structure and for color if you like roans (50%) His genetics are very strong; we are looking forward to seeing his foals!