About Future Foal

We are charting a new course – creating a new international, designer catalogue of Future Foals “do Summerwind”,  Frozen Semen, Frozen Embryos and Shared Ownership.   All opportunities to choose from top-shelf, foundation Mangalarga Marchador breeding stock – ours here at the Future Foal locations, and the best from Brazil!   We are  an international supplier offering a truly unique and diverse selection of proven, researched genetics.

Beethoven do Summerwind, the product of Azenha de Maripa and La Paz Jivago. Owned by Laurie Klassen, SK, Canada.

Create a dream that will last a lifetime!  

Whether you are searching for the comfortable Iberian-looking  Pleasure Horse, a SportHorse or just a Family Friend, Future Foal will guide you through the selection process of mares and stallions by providing you with our knowledge of Marchador bloodlines, the horses and their offspring.   All Marchadors are sweet, intelligent and people-oriented.   You get to choose the look, the gait, the athletic ability and the potential color.

Our breeding program strives for excellence on all levels.  Expect to be impressed! We breed genetics!

We believe that strong genetics show through in the progeny of a horse, not the individual.  In selecting our horses, we picked the genes and the bloodlines from our research, then the individuals from their performance, conformation and gait.

Please contact us for investment opportunities or shared ownership in one of our horses or the Marchador breed.

Azenha de Maripa in endurance


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