Horses for Sale

We usually do not  have adult horses for sale.    We do offer investment opportunities (shared ownership) in our breeding animals if you want to share in the miracle of breeding and birth, but not have a horse to care for.

However, from time to time, it happens.    We may buy back a Marchador from our breeding program (it’s in every sales contract!) or acquire a horse in conjunction with the M Foundation Work.  We want to find  “FOREVER” homes.

If you are looking for a Marchador and breeding a Future Foal does not work for you, we are willing to help you find one!

Sales list:


Tigre do Summerwind – Born 2011.  Grey.  Marcha Picada. 15.2H Gelding.

First time offered!  Treasured his whole life, Tigre just needs to find a home with an owner or family with more time.  He thrives on attention from little kids.   Such a sweet horse.
Tigre is being ridden out on trails and in the arena at Silver Stables, Phoenix AZ.   He gets along with all the other horses.  Lovely, smooth picada gait on the trail; a little or sometimes a lot lazy in the arena.  (Arena work is new to him)   Come try him out!
We have a checklist for training items and comments we can share – things like baths, flyspray, farrier, trailer loading, mounting, obstacles etc.
Tigre is  the son of 2 imported Marchadors, La Paz Jivago x Elba Cruzalta and named for his dun primitive markings as a foal, he has turned grey like his dam.  He has been inspected and registered with the ABCCMM, Brazil and the USMMA.
Tigre likes a slow calm introduction to new things.  So, the The most perfect match for Tigre is a home where there is a strong solid routine and relationship OR an owner/partner who can plan out his introduction to new things.   Once he is comfortable, he is just AWESOME.

Photos of Tigre: