RETIRED – Elba Cruzalta (Bella)

Imported from Brazil  

Future Foal @ Rio Verde

Color: Grey
Breed: Mangalarga Marchador
Born: March 1997
Height: 150 cm or 14.3 Hands
Gait : Marcha Picada
Registered:  ABCCMM and approved for Breeding; USMMA 

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Bella is a fabulous Marchador!   The first thing you might notice is her exquisite eyes from her Bela Cruz heritage bloodlines.  Her bloodlines are unique and exceptional here in the U.S.   She is built rock-solid and that could describe her gait as well.   Bella is a pure marcha picada, smooth and easy going, a champagne ride!

Personality-wise, Bella is easy-going and a follower in the herd.  She is a very good mother to her foals, always vigilant and there for them.

You cannot go wrong with this mare!

With the death of our SW mare Chanel de Miami, Bella becomes the heiress-apparent to pass on great gait and wonderful beauty to her foals.   Bella pairs well with many stallions as she will improve their gait and looks!

Because of her age, we can only breed using cooled semen, but we have several options that we can recommend.

Click here to see Bella’s pedigree

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