MORE SW Marchadors

We also want to honor all our wonderful horses whether still in use, retired, or passed over the rainbow bridge. Each one owns a special place in our hearts.

For your future planning, also included are the future breeding mares and the year we expect them to enter the breeding barn.

Our geldings:

Artemis do Summerwind

Caboclo da Piedade

Caesar do Summerwind

Hawke do Summerwind

Koyote Libertas

Seamus da Boa Fe

Retired breeding mares:

Azenha de Maripa – retiring in 2022

Bossa Nova de Miami

Elba Cruzalta

In Memory Only:

Chanel de Miami

Enya do Summerwind

Grahla M.U.G.

FUTURE Breeding Mares and Stallions

Nandor do Summerwind, AZ, starting 2022

Nola do Summerwind, UK, starting 2023

Olivia do Summerwind – TX, starting 2023

Padawan do Summerwind, AZ, starting 2025

Paris do Summerwind – TX, starting 2024

Paloma do Summerwind – AZ, starting 2025