Reserving a Foal

Chanel de Miami and Destiny do Summerwind

We believe there is no better way to create your next life partner than to raise it from birth. The bonding, training and fun are priceless! 

Future Foal specializes in genetics and proven producers.   “When you plant potatoes, you get potatoes”.   Our “do Summerwind” Future Foals are predictable and guaranteed!

Pricing for Future Foal Reservations (before birth)

  • US breeding stock –  $6,500 and up
  • Imported Brazilian semen or embryos – $8,500 and up
Oma de Maripa, Marchador stallion from Agro Maripa, frozen semen donor

Just a few hundred dollars a month!

Reservation payments for your Future Foal “do Summerwind” are easy and affordable.   Payment can be a lump sum or  spread over 18 months (or more) months.

Our reservations require a contract and deposit.   We create a breeding plan with a timeline  customized to meet YOUR needs.     Click here to see a sample contract.   sc-futurefoalsample

Existing Summerwind customers receive a 10% discount!

We consult with each person to plan the pairing!   We breed a limited number of foals each year, and in some cases, the foals are truly one-of-a-kind.