About Us

Since 2001,  we have traveled to Brazil  to research the Marchador breed, learn from the breeders there and RIDE Marchador horses.   We adhere to the Brazilian standards for excellence using the ABCCMM inspections to approve breeding animals.

After retiring from the business world, we found these wonderful horses.  We have learned much about life and leadership from living with our horses.  Every life should be touched by a horse – it’s never too late!

We are proud to have been one of the early importers of these great animals.  Initially buying for breeding, we selected the best mares we could find and imported them in foal to top Brazilian stallions.  We believe strong genetics matter, so we researched bloodlines (in Portuguese) for years and made sure we saw foal crops of our selected horses, not just the individual horse alone.

Our  Future Foals “do Summerwind”  blends several Marchador bloodlines for distinctive and exquisite combinations.  Summerwind horses have breathtaking beauty,  strong conformation, fantastic movement and outstanding temperaments.

We contribute to expanding the Marchador breed by adding breeders that breed with us under the name “do Summerwind”, not by getting larger ourselves.   We now have 4 breeders on our team.

Here is why we are in love with what we do!

Future Foal has succeeded in matching many Marchador horses to wonderful owners in new states and countries. The word is spreading!   “do Summerwind” horses can be found in more than 10 states and Canada.

We would love to introduce you to this truly timeless and special breed.  Please contact us for more information or visit us at one of our locations: AZ, CO, FL and TX.

Come meet Brazil’s National Horse and share our passion!

John and Lynn Kelley, AZ, CO

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