I want to thank you on a regular basis for the opportunity to have the most special horse I have ever  met.  I truly believe he has the capacity for love, play and learning like I have never known before.   Maybe it is because  I was ready to experience the kind of bond he offers for the first time since Ruler.   Whatever, I love him dearly (so does Marty) and he brings a tremendous amount of joy to our lives.”
LATER  I never would have jumped again without him! 
 –Marli Woods, proud owner Caesar do Summerwind (aka Cruiser)
 ” I am so impressed with the way you handle the young horses and how informative your communication is with the new Marchador owners!  I have purchased several horses before, but never been given such a complete information package.  Hats off to you!!!!”
Leo is WONDERFUL!!!!!!! If I haven’t told you lately,I LOVE HIM!!!!!!! . He just gets better and better!!!!!! Soooo honest!!!!! We cantered the mounted archery course perfect on the second try!  We also cantered in the open fields with other horses running past him.   He stayed steady, never bucked and would only pick up speed when I asked him.
 — Connie Curtis Claire, proud owner of DaVinci do Summerwind (aka Leo)
“I had grown up with Quarter Horses and Arabs, but due to back problems, I wanted a gaited horse and I wanted one that was unique.  I stumbled onto the Marchador and found Lynn and John Kelley.   They were awesome!  They answered my questions, provided photos and invited me to come visit anytime.  They were so proud of the breed and so welcoming to someone exploring the breed that I thought that if they were representational of owners, then count me in!  I have found over time that everyone I have encountered with the Marchador has been very friendly and proud of their breed.” 
 — Gayle Hamilton, proud owner of Destiny do Summerwind

Fidalgo is an embodiment of your dream in the flesh!! It is wonderful!! There are days I can’t thank Lynn and John enough! Fidalgo is a joy!! And my pictures don’t do his beauty any justice! But I hope you can tell he is healthy and happy!!   I am planning to keep him a stud colt and perhaps have him join the future foal program.  What a gentleman he is, still now at age 2.  Since I have begun to study the Marchador bloodlines, I like his the best!   
  — Lynn Boone, proud owner of Fidalgo do Summerwind


If you have any interest in getting a MM foal you cannot do better than going to Lynn and John Kelley. Lynn has many videos on youtube you can check out. They are an incredible wealth of info about the Marchador breed, the bloodlines, etc. Lynn even knows about most of the adult MMs in the US if you are interested in an adult Marchador.   How do I know all this? Gaia do Summerwind is mine – in partnership with SW Future Foal. I am incredibly lucky! I also got to play with Fidalgo and Tigre when they were foals last year. Lynn and John DO work/play with the horses every day, and they have been a great teacher for me too! 
 — Adrienne C. Scheck, proud owner of Gaia do Summerwind 

Perhaps the best testimonial is from Jeff and Michelle Bosley who are working with us to found SW Future Foal @ Lumberbridge NC.   They are the proud owners of Bacara do Summerwind, Elba Cruzalta and Tigre do Summerwind.



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