Boneca da Lusonatica

Color: Bay
Markings:  Star, Stripe, Snip, LR Sock
Breed: Mangalarga Marchador
Date of Birth:  July 2006
Height: 15 H
Gait:   Marcha Picada
Registered: ABCCMM & USMMA,  approved for Breeding

Genetic Synopsis:    – Boneca’s color is heterozygous for Black and for the Agouti gene, making her a bay and every foal will also be a bay unless modified by another gene (grey, cream, tobiano for example). She tested negative for any recessive genetic disease alleles. For more information, click below.

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Breed to Boneca for great results – for classic Marchador looks, for a forward, energetic, athletic foal. Her gait is fast and smooth. Very willing to try new things. Boneca has been trained and used in trail riding, dressage and working equitation.

Boneca is the daughter of La Paz Jivago x Cigana de Miami, a blend of Favacho, Tabatinga, Herdade and Catuni bloodlines. She has had only one foal, but is expecting her second in 2022. We are happy to have her genetics in our breeding program.

She will also be used in a riding and training program by Silver Stables when not being used for breeding.