MMs for Sale

We usually do not  have adult horses for sale – only reservations for “future foals”. However, from time to time, it happens.    We may buy back a Marchador from our breeding program (it’s in every sales contract!) or offer to help sell one of our Summerwind-bred foals.

In 2023, we do have a sales list for your consideration.

 We always want to find GOOD homes and  “FOREVER” homes. Don’t be afraid to make an offer, and as always, we offer interest-free payment plans.

Please if you know of any friends, neighbors or your relatives looking for a Mangalarga Marchador, have them contact me. Thank you!

Kadencia, Olivia, Qupid and Que-Pasa are for sale from Summerwind Marchadors. Qyra is offered for sale by owner Chris in WI, with our help.

Would partner on her too as Summerwind would like a foal from her.
Would partner on Qyra too as Summerwind would like a foal from her.