Atrevido do Porto Palmeira

Bred by Haras Porto Palmeira and now owned by Marchadores del Uruguay.

Stud fee:  $1000 per contract, frozen semen only
Date of Birth: November 2011
Breed: Mangalarga Marchador
Color: Black Bay Tobiano
Gait: Marcha Batida
Height: 15 H
Registry: ABCCMM, Approved for breeding

Click here to see Atrevido’s pedigree!

Click here to see Atrevido’s offspring in North America! (for now, the photos are from Uruguay)


Many of you know I am a bloodline fanatic, so when I saw this one, I was thrilled! So many Marchador horses that I had known and admired in his background. He is a young stallion, maturing into a great stallion. With a few years of breeding to show the proof, his offspring in Uruguay proved that the genetics were there as well.

This is what the owners write about him:

Atrevido, son of Extrato do Minatto and Tribuna do Porto Palmeira, brings in his blood the great virtues of MM top genetics. He is a stallion of great meekness and docility mixed with waves of cheerful and overflowing energy. With great morphological beauty and a smooth gait, his temperament reflects a firm personality. His eyes are the mirror of a peaceful and calm soul.