Hawke do Summerwind

Frozen Semen Only

Hawke do Summerwind

Color:  Grey
Stud fee: $750 per insemination dose 
Date of Birth:  Feb, 2013
Breed: Mangalarga Marchador
Gait: Both Marchas
Height: 15H
Registry: ABCCMM / USMMA

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Click here for Hawke’s DNA – coming soon.   For color, he is heterozygous grey, homozygous black, homozygous agouti and nd/1, primitive markings.


Hawk Photo in prog7705_3121

Fabulous gait that is show quality with the high leg life in the front and the perfect metronome of rhythymic beats.   Hawke is almost pure Abaiba bloodlines, a strikingly beautiful stallion.     While he has tremendous energy, Hawke is quiet, calm and super sweet.   He is a barn favorite and sweetheart.

Hawk Photo LKGS_1910

Agro Maripa, Brazil bred both parents.   They are geneticists and stewards of the Marchador breed.    They strive to produce a sport horse type with beauty and docility that is comfortable to ride.   Here is an example of their breeding program – everyone would love to show up with this horse!  He steals the show!