Kharisma do Summerwind

Frozen Semen Only

Stud fee:  $650 per insemination dose
Date of Birth: October 2016
Breed: Mangalarga Marchador
Gait: Marcha Batida
Height: 15.1 H (still growing)
Registry: ABCCMM, Approved for breeding, USMMA
Export Qualified 

Click here for Kharisma’s pedigree.

Click here for Kharisma’s offspring (coming soon)

Click here for Kharisma’s DNA (coming soon) For color, Kharisma is heterozygous for black (E/e), for agouti (A/a) for grey (G/g) and for primitive markings (nd/1, nd/2).

Kharisma has been just the sweetest colt we have produced so far. Breed to him for beauty and for size as he will be getting to be a taller Marchador with a graceful neck. Conformationally correct and strong, we also like what we see of his marcha gait. Not started under saddle yet, we will have more comments when we actually get to ride him.

Kharisma has some of the best genetics in the U.S. in his background and we feel confident that he will pass them on!

Photos are from age 2, from our photo shoot with Tamara Gooch and Jess Lee.

Videos – coming soon