AZ – Bacara do Summerwind

U.S. Born and Bred 

Future Foal @ Rio Verde

Color:  Bay, white star
Breed: Mangalarga Marchador
Date of Birth: December 2005
Height 14.3 Hands
Gait : Marcha Batida
Registered: ABCCMM and approved for Breeding; USMMA

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No offspring yet.

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Bacara is the only daughter of Caboclo da Piedade, imported Brazilian Marchador stallion and Bossa Nova de Miami, SW’s foundation mare.  She is a combination of both parents:   a leader with great looks, confidence and a very easy way of moving.  She has a very solid body and wonderful rich, thick mane that is so Iberian!

Bacara loves people and is very smart.  She tries very hard to do what you want in the arena and on the trail.  She is an excellent all-around horse and for breeding could match well with different stallion types and bloodlines depending on what the desired result and direction is.

169643_10151353711608330_1833327228_o (1)Her pedigree is a mix of Herdade, Caxambu and JB, very old and traditional bloodlines in Brazil.   For more information on the Mangalarga Marchador bloodlines, jump to this page:  MM Bloodlines.

Bacara’s Achievements:

  • 2nd place Mares in conformation and gait, Ocala, 2012
  • 1st place Functional Test, Ocala Sela de Ouro, 2012
  • Grand Champion, Ocala Sela de Ouro, 2012

Breeding plans for a 2020 foal (x Kharisma do Summerwind)


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