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2024 SW Marchador Calendar!

You can order your calendar now.  Mailing in time for the New Year!

Four Summerwind and Future Foal Breeder Calendars to Choose from!

1.  Inspirational Marchadors and  Quotes    Our non-profesional photos from 2023 with friends and family included!  Oversized calendar with photos of beautiful Marchador horses, and the people who love them.

2. Summerwind and Future Foal Stallions – Oversized calendar of the Summerwind stallions we offer,  and sometimes, also the ones where we are expecting to import frozen semen.

3.  Summerwind and Future Foal mares –  Oversized calendar of the mares in our breeding program.

4.  Summerwind and Future Foal Foals – Oversized calendar of all of our foals when they were babies.   We name our foals with the letters of the alphabet so in there are letters A – R.   

If you want multiple calendars, please contact me to get correct shipping –  I can ship two or three calendars for the same amount.

We hope you will love them!

$25 plus shipping and handling 



Some of the Marchador photos from the calendars!

Stallion Calendar

Mare Calendar

Foal Calendar

MMs for Sale

We usually do not  have adult horses for sale – only reservations for “future foals”. However, from time to time, it happens.    We may buy back a Marchador from our breeding program (it’s in every sales contract!) or offer to help sell one of our Summerwind-bred foals.

In 2023, we do have a sales list for your consideration.

 We always want to find GOOD homes and  “FOREVER” homes. Don’t be afraid to make an offer, and as always, we offer interest-free payment plans.

Please if you know of any friends, neighbors or your relatives looking for a Mangalarga Marchador, have them contact me. Thank you!

Kadencia, Olivia, Qupid and Que-Pasa are for sale from Summerwind Marchadors. Qyra is offered for sale by owner Chris in WI, with our help.

Would partner on her too as Summerwind would like a foal from her.
Would partner on Qyra too as Summerwind would like a foal from her.

2023 “R” BABIES!

What a great group of babies that we and our company all got to enjoy! They grow up too fast.

Born in April and May in Scottsdale AZ were two foals sired by La Paz Jivago.

Rhapsody do Summerwind, buckskin filly, out of Giselle do Dream Catcher was first. Followed by baby brother, Remington do Summerwind out of Gaia do Summerwind. Both were born at Beshert Ranch, Adrienne’s ranch in Scottsdale, AZ.

Rhapsody was reserved by Lori Chandler. Remington will stay with Adrienne Scheck. Both stay in Arizona.

In September, we had our first foal sired by Kharisma do Summerwind here in Colorado at Summerwind Ranch. Welcome Roronoa do Summerwind, out of Boneca da Lusonatica, D.j’s mare.

Roronoa (Zoro) was reserved by Lauren Virginia Brown and will eventually be headed for Texas.

Querida do Summerwind!

Our last Q baby for the year! We are lucky to announce another filly, suspecting black tobiano, with white on all for legs and her tail!!! That tail!! So striking against the black coat.

Querida is Atrevido do Porto Palmeira (tobiano black bay), x Isabelle do Great Lakes (blue roan). A big healthy girl, she was born at Beshert Ranch in Scottsdale AZ and belongs to Karen and Randy of Sedona AZ. She will travel to Sedona in a few months.

If you are in Arizona, go visit! Nothing cuter than a baby foal. (except maybe for baby goats)

Born October 18, she will be double registered in the ABCCMM and the USMMA and a future breeding mare for Summerwind.

In Print

Summerwind Marchadors got a lot of help from our friends: Adrienne Scheck, Carolina Peterson, Connie Claire and D.j. Sims Klein to write this article “Marchadors in Sport” and have great photos! Thank you so much!

Each person wrote about their Summerwind Marchador and the sport they chose – working equitation; mounted archery; eventing.

Summerwind (Kharisma do Summerwind and Servando Garcia) have the cover and an article in HorseMan’s News and the article was also in Riding magazine. Please email, call or text if you would like a paper copy (, 602-999-3915)

To view the magazines, you can follow these links:

Horseman’s News

Riding Magazine

Marchadors have also made 3 other publications recently and all covers!

To see past issues of Marchadors in 2022 magazines, you can get them all online by clicking the links below.

The Sound Advocate – Haras Vista da Serra

The Elite Equestrian – Alessandra Deerinck, Human Horse Sensing

Horseman’s News – Rancho Linda Marchadores