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Available to Reserve NOW! Future Foals for 2016!

HAWKE FUTURE FOALS “K* do Summerwind”

Photo Shoot! Gralha M.U.G. Tamara Gooch
Photo Shoot! Gralha M.U.G. Tamara Gooch

Grahla M.U.G. x Hawke do Summerwind

#1 To be born Oct 2016.   $10,000

A unique opportunity to have this foal born at your farm! Embryo implant into surrogate mare, so the mare can be shipped to foal at your farm if desired. Gralha can no longer carry a foal.

Exceptional foal expected from these pedigrees and genetics!  Athletic!   Fast!   Superior marcha batida gait! 50% chance of color, 50% chance for grey (from Hawke).

Surrogate Mare is ready to ship immediately – over 60 days pregnant.   The Future Foal, if the mare stays with us, would be ready to ship after weaning – May  2017.
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Elba Cruzalta x Hawke do Summerwind  RESERVED!  

#2 To be born Dec 2016. $6,500

Elba Cruzalta (Bella) with her foal, Tigre do Summerwind
Elba Cruzalta (Bella) with her foal, Tigre do Summerwind

This will be Bella’s last foal and therefore, your last chance to get her fabulous floating gait that gets passed on to her foals. One of the most beautiful Marchador pairings we could do.

We expect marcha picada, as that gait is so strong in Bella (Elba Cruzalta). 75% chance of grey, 25% chance for a color.   This Future Foal would be ready to ship after June or July 2017.
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Payment plans are offered – each contract and agreement is customized for your needs and desires. Tell us what you want to make your dream come true.   

Hawke do Summerwind, wonderful gait!
Hawke do Summerwind, wonderful gait!

About Hawke do Summerwind:

Hawke is the only son of Ximoio de Maripa using imported frozen semen. He continues to impress us and everyone who meets him with his temperament, beauty and show ring gaits. Dazzling! His dam Azenha de Maripa is from the same breeding farm in Brazil, breeding with genetics that are traced back more than 100 years. Pure Maripa!

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2017 Future Foals

Breeding for 2017 Future Foals is also an option, with our other mares with Hawke or other stallions using frozen semen.


Offering Gralha M.U.G. for sale

Photo Shoot!  Gralha M.U.G.  Tamara Gooch
Photo Shoot! Gralha M.U.G. Tamara Gooch

We are the proud owners of Gralha M.U.G., one of the foundation Marchador mares in the country!    However, we did not purchase her to increase our herd, but rather to see her contribute to the future of the Mangalarga Marchador here in North America.

So, we are offering her or her products for sale.  Our choice would be to find her a forever home since we want to stay a small, boutique innovation breeder.

Please call  or email us to discuss the option or options of interest to you.  We are very flexible for the right home.

  • Buy her bred to the Marchador stallion of your choice!  A 2 for 1 package.   Mare and foal pricing private treaty.  We want a forever home which is worth a lot to us and this good mare.
  • Buy her 2015 SW Future Foal!  Reserve the foal for  $10,000 on a SW payment plan.  (10% off to SW clients)
  • Invest in her as a partner – 20-50% and breed with SW.

One look at her pedigree, you will know why we consider her to be so special and unique.

Gralha M.U.G.

Gralha M.U.G. joining the SW herd in May this year.
Gralha M.U.G. joining the SW herd in May this year.

One measure of greatness is Brasil’s ELITE book – a registry of National Champion Marchadors who also produced National Champions.  Parents and grandparents that are ELITE champions matter the most.  Further back in the pedigree, it becomes less of an indicator.

The ELITE book is not the only measure of quality however.   Some Marchador breeders prefer not to show their horses, but to prove them in other ways — like cavalgadas, sports, cattle and ranch work etc.     Also, until 2005, there were no classes at the shows for Marcha Picada horses.

There are actually 2 ELITE books.  MM7 has about 700 horses of distinction.   MM8 (the SPECIAL ELITE book) has only 67 horses.  Horses who are in MM8 are also in MM7.

  1. Enigma Scala SIRE (MM8 ELITE  book – only 1 of 67 horses in this book)
  2. Batuy da Santa Terezinha  GRAND SIRE (MM8 ELITE book)
  3. Irapuru Bela Cruz (MM8 Elite book)
  4. Cravina da Santa Terezinha  GRAND DAM
  5. Abaiba Batuira (MM8 ELITE book)
  6. Furacao Bela Cruz
  7. Providencia Regente
  8. Herdade Jupia


For more information about Gralha, please visit her webpage.



Amethyst do Summerwind Update

Amethyst do Summerwind (Amy) is off to Utah with Valarie and her son Chris!   She leaves under a lease agreement that offers them the chance to have the foal from Day 1!   Amy will be bred to Talisma Kafe for a great 2015 SW Future Foal to be born there.

Photo shoot!  Amethyst do Summerwind!  Tamara Gooch.
Photo shoot! Amethyst do Summerwind! Tamara Gooch.

Valarie and Chris have been great friends and MM lovers since they took the chance and bought a SW embryo that turned into Hemingway do Summerwind last year.     That success quickly turned into worry when Hemi’s surrogate mother died when he was only 2 months old.   But he made it!

Earlier in the year, Chris and Val helped the M Foundation and the MM owners transport 3 Marchador mares to Arizona.   We are wishing them success with their next Marchador!

Talisma Kafe
Talisma Kafe


SW Marchador segment airs on HRTV!

Airing on HRTV on Christmas day was a segment about the Mangalarga Marchador!   We have copies of the TV show available if you would like a copy of the show.

Send in only $3.99 (includes shipping!)        Please remember to include your mailing address when you buy using paypal.

An overview of the Mangalarga Marchador horse and 2 of the early importers of the Marchador to the U.S. – Flying Oaks Ranch, Oklahoma and Summerwind Marchadors, Arizona.  Produced by HorseFlicks. 

Hallelujah! Born March 29,2013

Hallelujah do Summerwind    

Elba Cruzalta(Bella) x La Paz Jivago  (click on their names to view their pages!)  It is a match made in heaven, hence the code name Hallelujah!.  And because of this video!

Nicknamed Halle, she is available for sale.  Please call or email us if you are interested!   We definitely want to sell to a breeder or to someone who is willing to produce some embryos for SW Future Foal.   Her genetics need to be continued!  

Halle is the first foal of the SW Future Foal @ LumberBridge NC facility!  If you are on the east coast, transportation is very affordable, and we always offer payment plans.  Asking $7,500 as a foal.

La Paz Jivago, 24k metallic dunskin, imported to the US
La Paz Jivago

Bella (Elba Cruzalta) is an imported mare of the highest quality who never takes a step that isn’t a smooth marcha picada!   La Paz Jivago represents his Favacho/Tabatinga bloodlines well with solid bone, conformation and athleticism.   Did we mention he’s a drop-dead gorgeous metallic dun stallion?

We believe there is no better way to create your next life partner than to raise it from birth. The bonding, training and fun are priceless!   We specialize in genetics and proven producers.   “When you plant potatoes, you get potatoes”.   Our Mangalarga Marchador foals are predictable and guaranteed!


You won’t go wrong with this foal!  We guarantee it!  Here’s our predictions of what the foal will be like at maturity:

  • Marcha picada or marcha de centro – very smooth
  • Big bodied and solid, A1 conformation, legs and feet, suitable for breeding or pleasure riding
  • Beautiful head with teacup muzzle, fine silky mane (not thick iberian), large eyes, MM ears
  • 15H
  • Born bay, but may grey.  (We thought Tigre would grey, but he hasn’t yet at 2 years old)
  • Pleasing personality, very smart, but fun with a high play drive