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MM Summer camps!

Join us for a truly unique Marchador Experience in beautiful Pagosa Springs, Colorado!  Spend your days galloping through beautiful meadows all while learning more about our favorite horses, the Marchadors!

Afternoons are extra horse sessions such as ground work finesse, acupuncture and other non-horse activities like our famous Hot Springs, Tubing the San Juan, Plein Air Painting, Thingamajig Theatre and much more!

Summerwind Marchadors Ranch in Pagosa Springs, CO is the venue for the Silver Stables summer camps being planned.

The first camp will host Silver Stables young riders and students for a long fourth of July weekend.

The second camp is a new Women’s Retreat being planned for a long weekend in early August. See attached flyer for some ideas.

Both camps are already almost full, but we would love to hear from you if you have an interest in attending.

DJ Sims: 623-414-1774

Lynn Kelley: 602-999-3915

Photos below are from last year’s young riders camp.

Working equitation classes

Amy Star will be our instructor here in Scottsdale on selected Sundays to teach us the basics of dressage and ease of handling parts of working equitation.

Here are the dates:

Feb 9, Mar 8, Mar 29, Apr 12 and May 3.

Working Equitation is a fast-growing sport competition which accepts any breed, any style of tack and all levels of horses and riders.

The sport teaches a variety of skills and the horse and rider team are judged on the quality of movement and execution of the tasks. We are learning and growing with the horses.

Contact Lynn to join in.

Some photos below of the Agro Maripa horses in competition in Brazil, and us in class here in Scottsdale.

Scottsdale Show!

Fun, Fun and more fun! Summerwind Marchadors and Summerwind Future Foal breeders were there at the USMMA show at The 17 Ranch for Mangalarga Marchador sport competitions. Pole-Bending, Barrel Racing and the Marchador Ideal Functional test combining a lot of obstacles in one test.

Dr. George Vilar, ABCCMM was the show coach and judge for the weekend.

Friday was a trail ride in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve enjoyed by 19 people and Saturday was the competition with 16. Here are the photos and results! Enjoy our gallery!

  • Bacara do Summerwind, 2nd place poles, with Jeff, 1st place barrels with Jeff, 2nd place Marchador Ideal with Jeff, Reserve Champion, Men.
  • Brasilia do Summerwind – 3rd place barrels with Elizabeth, 1st place Marchador Ideal with Elizabeth, Reserve Champion Pro (tie)
  • Caboclo da Piedade – 2nd place poles with Lindsey, 3rd place poles with Lindsey, 2nd place Marchador Ideal with Cathy. Reserve champion, Women’ group.
  • Caesar do Summerwind – 2nd place poles with D.j., 2nd place barrels with D.j. Reserve Champion Pro (tie)
  • Koyote Libertas – 3rd place poles with Ashley, Pro.
  • Tigre Feliz do Summerwind – 2nd place, Marchador Ideal with DJ (Pro) and Best Novice showing with Ingrid

Special thanks to all those who rode for us – an awesome job! and to all those who volunteered for the event! And for all those who helped sponsor the event!