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Join us at Westworld, Scottsdale AZ on December 9, 10 and 11! It’s the Working Equitation Regional Finals, more info on that on their website.

Westworld will be host to several horse shows that weekend, so many arenas going, many things to see and do. And holiday or horse shopping!

Summerwind Marchadors is a show sponsor, and we will have a booth at the show all weekend. Please stop by! The USMMA, the Marchador association will also be represented well by the USMMA Southwest Region and USMMA breeders.

You can meet a Marchador and many Marchador people gathered there to show, to man the booth or to that come to cheer. Head for an arena or barn to see the horses! A fun way to spend the day.

December 9th – Dressage

December 10th – Ease of Handling

December 11th – Speed and Cattle Trial

For more information on the show, directions and updates, please visit the Western Zone Working Equitation website.

July Summer Camps

Taught and managed by D.j. Sims of Silver Stables, but using Summerwind Marchador horses mostly. This year a few people brought up their horses up for camp too! It was a full month of three-day events with kids that were experienced riders and kids that sometimes had little or no experience. We had one group from Arizona, and the others were “locals” – either vacationing or living here in Pagosa Springs.

Marchador horses and kids go together!

Thanks to D.j. and Elizabeth Sims for the time and effort into planning, driving, teaching and doing all the other activities that went into another success.

Here are some photos from the camps! The horses and the kids were awesome!!! Summerwind Marchadors used were Artemis do Summerwind, Caboclo da Piedade, Caesar do Summerwind, Hawke do Summerwind, Koyote Libertas. Joining us from Arizona were Fidalgo do Summerwind, Sabela da Tranquility, and Topsy, a very cute pony.

May ABCCMM Inspection

Dr George Vilar and a group of owners, breeders and spectators all came to the May 1 inspection held in Phoenix Arizona.

Inspected and approved for ABCCMM definitive registration

  • Nandor do Summerwind
  • Nobre do Summerwind
  • Bento do Saint Horse
  • Giselle do Dream Catcher

Inspected and approved for ABCCMM provisional registration

  • Qiara do Summerwind
  • Qupid do Summerwind
  • Qyra do Summerwind

Working Equitation Sundays

WE Professional and Judge Amy Star, teaches Working Equitation once a month. Come to watch or to participate. Primarily Mangalarga Marchadors at our clinic, but Working Equitation is a sport that is open to all breeds and all styles of riding. Photos by Jennifer Jeung.

The next scheduled Sunday is in Scottsdale, February 7th at 9 a.m. The next scheduled schooling show is March 14th in New River.

Call or text for more information! 602-999-3915


We love company! And riding together! We did stay safe during this COVID year.

We hope you will come visit next summer and meet our Summerwind Marchadors!

D.j.’s wedding, the Kid’s Camp, the Women’s Retreat, Cathy’s visit, Jason’s visit, Aline’s visit, Lucy’s family riding, Sayra’s visit, D.j’s family riding and all the regulars too!