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MM Summer camps!

Join us for a truly unique Marchador Experience in beautiful Pagosa Springs, Colorado!  Spend your days galloping through beautiful meadows all while learning more about our favorite horses, the Marchadors!

Afternoons are extra horse sessions such as ground work finesse, acupuncture and other non-horse activities like our famous Hot Springs, Tubing the San Juan, Plein Air Painting, Thingamajig Theatre and much more!

Summerwind Marchadors Ranch in Pagosa Springs, CO is the venue for the Silver Stables summer camps being planned.

The first camp will host Silver Stables young riders and students for a long fourth of July weekend.

The second camp is a new Women’s Retreat being planned for a long weekend in early August. See attached flyer for some ideas.

Both camps are already almost full, but we would love to hear from you if you have an interest in attending.

DJ Sims: 623-414-1774  silverstablesmarchadors@gmail.com

Lynn Kelley: 602-999-3915  lynnkelley@me.com

Photos below are from last year’s young riders camp.

Summer Camp in PAGOSA SPRINGS!

Summerwind Marchadors and Silver Stables teamed up to offer a July 4th weekend camp to young riding students of Silver Stables. What fun!   We were happy we did this!

The girls had fun with many activities around town over the fourth – like the fireworks, the parade and the rodeo.   During the day, they rode Marchador horses!   We offered them many horses and matched horses to riders during the first day.   In the program were seven Marchador horses:  Artemis do Summerwind, Brasilia do Summerwind, Caboclo da Piedade, Caesar do Summerwind, Fidalgo do Summerwind, Jorge-Ben de Lazy T and Koyote Libertas.   

Great riders! Great horses! They did arena work, outside course work, and trail riding, including the grand finale, a bareback trail ride.   Great guests too – all staying in our barn apartment, like a giant sleepover.    

We think we will offer this again!   Our horses were never so well-groomed, lol.

Back to Pagosa Springs

We made the migration  back to Pagosa Springs in early May!  We love coming here for the great weather, the chance for the horses to be in a natural herd and all the unspoiled beauty that is Pagosa!

Almost immediately, we left for New England, but we returned by the end of May to catch up and start putting things in order for the summer.

This summer, we planned clinics and a few photo shoots.  Stay tuned for dates!

  •   Ned Leigh teaching Advanced Riding Skills, June or September.
  •  Photo shoot in June.
  • And Dr Laura Patterson teaching Marchador gaits mid-August, around August 14.  Laura is here studying at Cornell this summer, if we are lucky and we think we will be, Dr Ann Staiger will also come and share some of her research on gait genetics.
  • A fun summer here, and we are also planning a trip to Brasil in July!

Please join us!  Meet a Marchador horse or try a Sensation saddle!

Other SW news!

Congratulations to Major Jeff Bosley who retired from the Air Force in May.   We are happy because now Jeff will have even more time to devote to his passion as a SW MM breeder!   Jeff and Michelle Bosley operate SW Future Foal Lumbbridge In NC.   Find them on FB!

Congratulations to Cathy, new owner off Destiny do Summerwind.  Destiny was conformed pregnant to Talisma Kafe using his frozen imported semen!

Congratulations to new marchador owner, Karen, who purchased Jorge Ben de Lazy T, a MM gelding with our help and the wondeful cooperation of the owner to complete the details while Karen was abroad.

Our combined efforts with Flying Oaks and Nickers Saddlery at the Mane Event and on other fronts are paying off too.   Flying Oaks Wizard and Flying Oaks Stardust have been sold!   Another new MM in AZ and a MM in Alberta Canada.   We are thrilled for the new owners and Rick and Dana!

Did I forget something?   Send us your news or story and I will publish!

SW Update – Colorado, here we are!

It’s an annual migration to Colorado in late April or early May!  And it’s a good thing too, as the temperatures in Scottsdale are almost in triple digits.   We love being able to enjoy riding and the outdoors every day!   And the horses….. well, the horses are just different here.  They look better, more alive, taller, shinier!   There is no way to fully describe it.

By now, it’s our 6th year here, they know where they are.  They know the routine.  Koyote comes off the trailer and gaits right down the barn aisle to his stall.   He’s so smart!  We need to get them adjusted to the grass, but that is about it.

I guess by now, we know the routine too.  We were unpacked that night and we started riding the very next day!  Even by our standards, that was fast.   The only change for us is that we are getting older – but what’s wrong with more wine on the porch watching the elk or deer graze across the street?   Perhaps this is the year without the laundry list of projects.  Bring on the trail rides in the mountains, new journeys to Taos, maybe visiting the LONE RANGER movie set and just enjoying each wonderfully clear, crisp Colorado morning.

We’d love to share Colorado with you!  Come and meet the Marchador and share our passion.

As always, thanks to Ned Leigh for taking such good care of our horses during the ride here.  www.nedleighequinefocus.com

Take a look into our life!  If you click on a photo, you can get the large image.