Amethyst do Summerwind Update

Amethyst do Summerwind (Amy) is off to Utah with Valarie and her son Chris!   She leaves under a lease agreement that offers them the chance to have the foal from Day 1!   Amy will be bred to Talisma Kafe for a great 2015 SW Future Foal to be born there.

Photo shoot!  Amethyst do Summerwind!  Tamara Gooch.
Photo shoot! Amethyst do Summerwind! Tamara Gooch.

Valarie and Chris have been great friends and MM lovers since they took the chance and bought a SW embryo that turned into Hemingway do Summerwind last year.     That success quickly turned into worry when Hemi’s surrogate mother died when he was only 2 months old.   But he made it!

Earlier in the year, Chris and Val helped the M Foundation and the MM owners transport 3 Marchador mares to Arizona.   We are wishing them success with their next Marchador!

Talisma Kafe
Talisma Kafe