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SW Marchador segment airs on HRTV!

Airing on HRTV on Christmas day was a segment about the Mangalarga Marchador!   We have copies of the TV show available if you would like a copy of the show.

Send in only $3.99 (includes shipping!)        Please remember to include your mailing address when you buy using paypal.

An overview of the Mangalarga Marchador horse and 2 of the early importers of the Marchador to the U.S. – Flying Oaks Ranch, Oklahoma and Summerwind Marchadors, Arizona.  Produced by HorseFlicks. 

New Marchador Mares — Flying Oaks and SW

Rick Schatz, MM breeder and owner of Flying Oaks Ranch, and SW Future Foal are working together to acquire four mares from Great Lakes Marchadors, MI.    With the death of their Marchador stallion, Jay and Susan Bryan have decided to stop breeding and have offered us their mares.   Summerwind Marchadors first imported two of these mares from Brazil in 2005 before they were sold to Michigan.

We are excited and happy to be adding new mares to our breeding program.   Two of the mares will be offered for sale, we hope to new Marchador breeders to continue their bloodlines as well as enjoy the ride!  However, if not sold, all the mares will eventually be housed in Oklahoma at Flying Oaks Ranch to live the good life on Rick’s lush pastures.    Ator Fazenda Zouga is a good match for the mares, but Flying Oaks and SW also will be breeding the mares with imported Brazilian semen to produce embryos.

If you are interested in an SW Future Foal, we would transport the mare and keep the mare and foal with us until weaning time at no additional cost to you.

More news coming soon!

Let me introduce you to the mares!  We are so honored to have them.  Thank you Jay, Susan and Rick for helping this to come about.

Brisa Libertas – Koyote Libertas dam.  Brasilia do Summerwind dam.  Isabelle do Great Lakes dam.  Need I say more?   A beautiful mare, smaller at 14.2H, but with a marching gait as regular as a metronome.   She is older, so we are hoping to be able to produce some embryos from her, and offer her a forever home for the rest of her days.  Imported.  ABCCMM registered



Atriz de Itajoana – A smaller mare at 14.2H but also powerfully built with a beautiful face (Abaiba).   Atriz has had 2 foals here in the U.S. and we look forward to having her contribute more to the Marchador bloodlines here in the U.S.   Sweet temperament and a great pick if looking for a foal for the whole family to enjoy.  ABCCMM Registered




Amethyst do Summerwind – imported in-utero.  The only daughter of a renowned Brazilian stallion named Irapuru de Joatinga.   So, we are super excited to continue his genes.   Amethyst will be offered for sale to a forever home.   Priced to sell to a breeder, but if you are interested in her as a riding horse, we will sell her retaining  breeding rights to produce some embryos or foals from her.   ABCCMM registered



Isabelle do Great Lakes – Brisa Libertas x Oxum do Vale da Prata.  With his early death, Oxum left only 2 breeding offspring in the US.  He had a great gait and even better temperament.   Isabelle will be started under saddle starting November 1 and ready to go in February 2014.   You can buy her now for less and take over the training.   Priced to sell to a breeder, but if you are interested in her as a riding horse, we will sell her retaining breeding rights to produce some embryos or foals from her.  ABCCMM eligible.





The Mane Event – Canada, here we come!

It’s the largest equine trade show in Canada and we will be there!   April 26-28 in Red Deer Alberta Canada!  We hope to meet you there.  Booth G-6 and also speaking in the LECTURE HALL.

For more information on the EVENT, follow this link:  http://www.maneeventexpo.com/RedDeer/Default.aspx

Click here to download the Marchador brochure we made for the show!  MM BROCHURE 

We are going to promote the Marchador breed and here is why.  In a cooperative effort, Summerwind Marchadors, Flying Oaks Ranch and Nickers Saddlery are pooling resources to promote the Marchador breed in Canada.   Summerwind is a distributor of Nicker’s Saddles, the treeless Sensation Saddles here in the U.S.

From our press release:   In April, the population of Mangalarga Marchador horses in Canada almost doubled in April with the importation of 4 new Marchadors into British Columbia from Flying Oaks Ranch of Kaw City Oklahoma!


Some of the new Marchadors will be trained, shown and offered for sale by Dana Johnsen of Nickers Saddlery, Penticton, B.C.    Nickers will be adding the Marchador horse into their product line and promoting the Marchador breed in Canada!  The grand opening of this collaboration between Flying Oaks Ranch, Summerwind and Nickers Saddlery will be at the Mane Event in Red Deer, AB April 26-28, 2013.  



SW Update – Marchadors on the Move!

Amadeus do Summerwind and Kristy Everson are learning mounted shooting together.  Kristy loves it and they look great together.  Watch for them to show up in competitions soon!  Their first is March 30.

Tigre do Summerwind and Elba Cruzalta (Bella) sell to Jeff and Michelle Bosley, NC!

Chama Lustre do Lucero is moving to Maine from AZ!  Chama will be the first Marchador in Maine and in all of New England.  A giant step forward for the MM breed.  Howard Bonis is busily completing his barn and plans to ride Chama in the 4th of July parade.  Howard released his reservation on a SW Future Foal to take advantage of an opportunity for an adult, marcha picada horse.   Smooth sailing, Howard!

Diego do Summerwind

Diego do Summerwind is offered for sale by Pat Rollingson, Alberta, Canada.  Pat has sold her ranch and is moving into a city in 3 weeks. Diego has been with Pat since birth.  He is the first Marchador born in Canada, the son of La Paz Jivago and Vedete de Itajoana, both imported by Summerwind.  For anyone in the U.S., importation paperwork is easy enough.   Offers welcome!  Contact her at marchadors@gmail.com.

Flying Oaks Ranch, Oklahoma has added Marchadors and  a fulltime trainer to their operation in February.  For selection, selection and selection, they have the most Marchadors in the country.   Added Paxaio do Vale Vermelho, imported MM grey mare and her daughter, Marchwind Aitana.  Aitana will be offered for sale.  Flying Oaks Windsmoke and Flying Oaks Stardust who had been staying in AZ,  returned home.  In addition, they added their first 2012 MM foal, Flying Oaks Thor in February!

Rox Rogers places 2nd and 3rd in her first Cowboy Dressage event in MT on Mangalarga Marchadors!  Have you ever heard of Cowboy Dressage?  It’s really growing in popularity here in the West! Great training for you and your horse!

Have you seen the photos of Connie Claire starting her young horse Leo? (DaVinci do Summerwind)  Way to go Connie!  She has been following the step-by-step program of Clinton Anderson and achieving great results!  They look like they are both enjoying learning!   Great job, Connie!

The Brasil in Focus photography competition is coming to Minas Gerais.   Their wonderful works offer you a sneak peak into Brasil!  Beauty, art, perspective all wrapped up in one day of shooting!  The photographers are from around the world, and they are in Brasil scouting out where and what they will shoot.  Minas Gerais state is the birthplace of the Mangalarga Marchador, so there will be horses, for sure.

This video is Agro Maripa, where one of our mares is from and also the imported frozen stallion semen from Oma, Tiziu and Ximoio. We were there in July 2011! Would you like to go back with us?