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New Marchador Mares — Flying Oaks and SW

Rick Schatz, MM breeder and owner of Flying Oaks Ranch, and SW Future Foal are working together to acquire four mares from Great Lakes Marchadors, MI.    With the death of their Marchador stallion, Jay and Susan Bryan have decided to stop breeding and have offered us their mares.   Summerwind Marchadors first imported two of these mares from Brazil in 2005 before they were sold to Michigan.

We are excited and happy to be adding new mares to our breeding program.   Two of the mares will be offered for sale, we hope to new Marchador breeders to continue their bloodlines as well as enjoy the ride!  However, if not sold, all the mares will eventually be housed in Oklahoma at Flying Oaks Ranch to live the good life on Rick’s lush pastures.    Ator Fazenda Zouga is a good match for the mares, but Flying Oaks and SW also will be breeding the mares with imported Brazilian semen to produce embryos.

If you are interested in an SW Future Foal, we would transport the mare and keep the mare and foal with us until weaning time at no additional cost to you.

More news coming soon!

Let me introduce you to the mares!  We are so honored to have them.  Thank you Jay, Susan and Rick for helping this to come about.

Brisa Libertas – Koyote Libertas dam.  Brasilia do Summerwind dam.  Isabelle do Great Lakes dam.  Need I say more?   A beautiful mare, smaller at 14.2H, but with a marching gait as regular as a metronome.   She is older, so we are hoping to be able to produce some embryos from her, and offer her a forever home for the rest of her days.  Imported.  ABCCMM registered



Atriz de Itajoana – A smaller mare at 14.2H but also powerfully built with a beautiful face (Abaiba).   Atriz has had 2 foals here in the U.S. and we look forward to having her contribute more to the Marchador bloodlines here in the U.S.   Sweet temperament and a great pick if looking for a foal for the whole family to enjoy.  ABCCMM Registered




Amethyst do Summerwind – imported in-utero.  The only daughter of a renowned Brazilian stallion named Irapuru de Joatinga.   So, we are super excited to continue his genes.   Amethyst will be offered for sale to a forever home.   Priced to sell to a breeder, but if you are interested in her as a riding horse, we will sell her retaining  breeding rights to produce some embryos or foals from her.   ABCCMM registered



Isabelle do Great Lakes – Brisa Libertas x Oxum do Vale da Prata.  With his early death, Oxum left only 2 breeding offspring in the US.  He had a great gait and even better temperament.   Isabelle will be started under saddle starting November 1 and ready to go in February 2014.   You can buy her now for less and take over the training.   Priced to sell to a breeder, but if you are interested in her as a riding horse, we will sell her retaining breeding rights to produce some embryos or foals from her.  ABCCMM eligible.