ASTRUD’s DNA and Pedigree

Astud’s DNA report from Etalon Diagnostics available on request.

A/A, E/e, nd1/nd1, CR/n, G/n

Astrud is a Buckskin, the combination of at least one Black (E), at least one Agouti/Bay (A) and one Cream (CR) variant. Buckskins will pass Cream to 50% of any offspring. One Grey (G) variant detected which causes progressive greying of entire coat. Astrud has a 50% chance of passing the Grey gene to any offspring. Two copies of Agouti and non-Dun Primitive Markings (nd) were detected, passing A and Nd1 gene to 100% of any offspring.

Two Curiosity variants; horse may be more curious than vigilant. Two DMRT3 or “gaited” variants; may display “gaiting”, 4 beat or possible loss of canter (less diagonal and less athletic). Endurance type myostatin; horse may accel at longer distance travel versus short distance sprint type activity.

For a copy of Astrud’s pedigree,  please click on the links below:

Astrud PEDIGREE PDF file (coming soon) or online

One measure of greatness is Brasil’s ELITE book – a registry of National Champion Marchadors who also produced National Champions.  Parents and grandparents that are ELITE champions matter the most.  Further back in the pedigree, it becomes less of an indicator.

The ELITE book is not the only measure of quality however.   Some Marchador breeders prefer not to show their horses, but to prove them in other ways — like cavalgadas, sports, cattle and ranch work etc.     Also, we do not know the year that the ELITE book was created.  

Elite Book Horses (MM7 or MM8) in Astrud’s pedigree:

  1. Icaro de Itajoana ELITE 8 (grandsire)
  2. Angico Tabatinga (grandsire)
  3. Cafundo Uranio ELITE 8 (great great grandsire)
  4. Herdade Jupia
  5. Tabatinga Predileto
  6. Tabatinga Cossaco
  7. Violeta Tabatinga
  8. Abaiba Reserva
  9. Abaiba Querenca