Azenha de Maripa is a foundation SW mare. Her frozen embryo (x La Paz Jivago) produced Hemingway do Summerwind.

2 US Parents   $4,500 and up for the embryo only.  

 1 US SW Mare Parent x Brazilian Marchador imported frozen semen – $6500 and up for the embryo only.

We have no  embryos at this time.

Buyer also pays for shipping and vet costs incurred to implant the embryo.

Frozen embryos can be implanted into your mare or a surrogate mare.   Cooled embryos must be implanted immediately using a surrogate mare herd in sync with the breeding Marchador mare.   A surrogate mare, if required, is $2,500 to $4,000 to lease the mare for the duration of the pregnancy up until the foal is weaned.   We offer to care for the surrogate and foal out,  should you want us to do that.

Place your order for the pairing you would like, or wait until we have inventory again to make a selection.


Ximoio de Maripa, pure Abaiba bloodlines

Imported Brazilian frozen embryos – not yet available – market pricing

SW Future Foal may import frozen Mangalarga Marchador embryos from Brazil in the future.    It is one of the reasons we invested in Cachaca de Tres Coracoes, our mare still in Brazil.

Only the best championship Marchadors are normally used to create embryos in Brazil!  In Brazil, these embryos are selling in Brazil  from $12,000 to to $50,000 (embryo only).   Everyone wants these products in Brazil!


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  1. Hi Gina, Sorry for the delay in responding. I missed your question, so I apologize. We bred for embryos with 3 mares this fall and did not get any. We may try again in the spring. We are breeding one mare this fall to carry a foal and that foal should it be conceived is available for reservation. It will be Isabelle do Great Lakes (blue roan) x Talisma Kafe (black and white pinto). The Brazilian embryos are being created and expected to be here in 2015. What kind of information are you looking for? I would be happy to answer or send it out in the mail.

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