Offering Gralha M.U.G. for sale

Photo Shoot!  Gralha M.U.G.  Tamara Gooch
Photo Shoot! Gralha M.U.G. Tamara Gooch

We are the proud owners of Gralha M.U.G., one of the foundation Marchador mares in the country!    However, we did not purchase her to increase our herd, but rather to see her contribute to the future of the Mangalarga Marchador here in North America.

So, we are offering her or her products for sale.  Our choice would be to find her a forever home since we want to stay a small, boutique innovation breeder.

Please call  or email us to discuss the option or options of interest to you.  We are very flexible for the right home.

  • Buy her bred to the Marchador stallion of your choice!  A 2 for 1 package.   Mare and foal pricing private treaty.  We want a forever home which is worth a lot to us and this good mare.
  • Buy her 2015 SW Future Foal!  Reserve the foal for  $10,000 on a SW payment plan.  (10% off to SW clients)
  • Invest in her as a partner – 20-50% and breed with SW.

One look at her pedigree, you will know why we consider her to be so special and unique.

Gralha M.U.G.

Gralha M.U.G. joining the SW herd in May this year.
Gralha M.U.G. joining the SW herd in May this year.

One measure of greatness is Brasil’s ELITE book – a registry of National Champion Marchadors who also produced National Champions.  Parents and grandparents that are ELITE champions matter the most.  Further back in the pedigree, it becomes less of an indicator.

The ELITE book is not the only measure of quality however.   Some Marchador breeders prefer not to show their horses, but to prove them in other ways — like cavalgadas, sports, cattle and ranch work etc.     Also, until 2005, there were no classes at the shows for Marcha Picada horses.

There are actually 2 ELITE books.  MM7 has about 700 horses of distinction.   MM8 (the SPECIAL ELITE book) has only 67 horses.  Horses who are in MM8 are also in MM7.

  1. Enigma Scala SIRE (MM8 ELITE  book – only 1 of 67 horses in this book)
  2. Batuy da Santa Terezinha  GRAND SIRE (MM8 ELITE book)
  3. Irapuru Bela Cruz (MM8 Elite book)
  4. Cravina da Santa Terezinha  GRAND DAM
  5. Abaiba Batuira (MM8 ELITE book)
  6. Furacao Bela Cruz
  7. Providencia Regente
  8. Herdade Jupia


For more information about Gralha, please visit her webpage.