Hawke do Summerwind Arrives!

The long-awaited foal of Azenha de Maripa x Ximoio de Maripa showed up early Sunday night, February 17th.   This is Ximoio de Maripa’s first foal in the U.S., born using his imported frozen semen.   Both Azenha and Ximoio were bred by Agro Maripa, Brazil.

We could not be happier with him.  He’s friendly, confident and showing wonderful gait and temperament of the Mangalarga Marchador breed!   Born chocolate (milk and dark), we think he will shed to black, but may eventually be grey like his sire.

He was code named Hermes, but after he was born, we decided to select a different name.  When hawk feathers were found in his stall, we knew we had picked the right one!

Take a look for yourself!