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Scottsdale Show!

Fun, Fun and more fun! Summerwind Marchadors and Summerwind Future Foal breeders were there at the USMMA show at The 17 Ranch for Mangalarga Marchador sport competitions. Pole-Bending, Barrel Racing and the Marchador Ideal Functional test combining a lot of obstacles in one test.

Dr. George Vilar, ABCCMM was the show coach and judge for the weekend.

Friday was a trail ride in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve enjoyed by 19 people and Saturday was the competition with 16. Here are the photos and results! Enjoy our gallery!

  • Bacara do Summerwind, 2nd place poles, with Jeff, 1st place barrels with Jeff, 2nd place Marchador Ideal with Jeff, Reserve Champion, Men.
  • Brasilia do Summerwind – 3rd place barrels with Elizabeth, 1st place Marchador Ideal with Elizabeth, Reserve Champion Pro (tie)
  • Caboclo da Piedade – 2nd place poles with Lindsey, 3rd place poles with Lindsey, 2nd place Marchador Ideal with Cathy. Reserve champion, Women’ group.
  • Caesar do Summerwind – 2nd place poles with D.j., 2nd place barrels with D.j. Reserve Champion Pro (tie)
  • Koyote Libertas – 3rd place poles with Ashley, Pro.
  • Tigre Feliz do Summerwind – 2nd place, Marchador Ideal with DJ (Pro) and Best Novice showing with Ingrid

Special thanks to all those who rode for us – an awesome job! and to all those who volunteered for the event! And for all those who helped sponsor the event!

Fall Marchador Journal

This issue features Marchador horses and  JUMPING!   Featured articles from USMMA members Eliza Frazer, Susann Gabriel and D.J. Sims.

You may download the pdf or view online on ISSUU.   Click on the box in the right hand corner to see full-screen!

journal 4 2017 small

The official publication of the USMMA – the North American Mangalarga Marchador Association.

Editor is Tresa Smith, Montana Marchadors.  Publisher is Lynn Kelley, Summerwind Marchadors


PBR, Las Vegas, baby!

The Brazilian Saddle Horse, the Mangalarga Marchador, was featured and shown during the PBR Finals week in Las Vegas!   Many of the top ten professional bull riders are Brazilian and the sport is so big there, there is a PBR, Brazil!   Thanks to APEX, Brasil who also support the PBR, the Marchador event came to life in Vegas, baby!    Special thanks to APEX/ABCCMM Coordinator Ricardo Xavier who always has a full plate at events around the world and with his own wedding coming up in November!  Congratulations Ricardo!

The Marchador is Brazil’s National Horse and so it was shown with much pride at the PBR FAN ZONE during the day and in the half-time show at the Thomas and Mack arena at night.   The USMMA and the ABCCMM supported the APEX Brasil in manning booths in both locations too!

Many,  many fans were interested in the breed and signed up to learn more.   We gave away several hundred packets of DVDs, brochures, business cards and magazines about the Marchador breed!   Not only was their literature, but some of the fans were lucky enough to test drive a Marchador at the PBR Fan Zone.

The horses were the stars of the show and they came long distances to participate!

From Ocala FL, Bellandi Racing Stables owner Claudia Bellandi came and shipped her imported Marchadors to Las Vegas!    Imperador das Aguas JM, a grey stallion and Irana das Aguas JM, a grey mare.  From MT, 2 Marchador breeders shipped 4 horses to Las Vegas.   Lori Silcher, 4 Seasons Marchadors came with 3 horses — her blue roan stallion, Baluarte Piry, imported from Brazil,  4 Seasons Ana Raio, a buckskin mare, and 4 Seasons Lealdade, a chestnut mare.   Dr. Tresa Smith came and shipped her grey gelding Lo-Borges de Lazy T.

Owners, breeders and support came from the U.S. Canada and Brazil with both USMMA President Rick Schatz of Flying Oaks Ranch and ABCCMM President Magdi Shaat of Haras El Far there.

And of course, Future Foal was there in almost full force – with me, Lynn Kelley, NC breeder Jeff Bosley and AZ breeder Karen Livesay.  I was lucky enough to do some of the commentary during the Fan Zone presentations.  That was almost as much fun as riding!

Long days, tired feet, but a great event.   We hope to be out there again!

If you are looking for a personal horse or an investment opportunity, now is the time to learn more about this magnificent breed that is just getting started here in North America.

Here is a video of the event from MMTV in Brazil who covered the event.   Forward to minute 38!