Scottsdale Show!

Fun, Fun and more fun! Summerwind Marchadors and Summerwind Future Foal breeders were there at the USMMA show at The 17 Ranch for Mangalarga Marchador sport competitions. Pole-Bending, Barrel Racing and the Marchador Ideal Functional test combining a lot of obstacles in one test.

Dr. George Vilar, ABCCMM was the show coach and judge for the weekend.

Friday was a trail ride in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve enjoyed by 19 people and Saturday was the competition with 16. Here are the photos and results! Enjoy our gallery!

  • Bacara do Summerwind, 2nd place poles, with Jeff, 1st place barrels with Jeff, 2nd place Marchador Ideal with Jeff, Reserve Champion, Men.
  • Brasilia do Summerwind – 3rd place barrels with Elizabeth, 1st place Marchador Ideal with Elizabeth, Reserve Champion Pro (tie)
  • Caboclo da Piedade – 2nd place poles with Lindsey, 3rd place poles with Lindsey, 2nd place Marchador Ideal with Cathy. Reserve champion, Women’ group.
  • Caesar do Summerwind – 2nd place poles with D.j., 2nd place barrels with D.j. Reserve Champion Pro (tie)
  • Koyote Libertas – 3rd place poles with Ashley, Pro.
  • Tigre Feliz do Summerwind – 2nd place, Marchador Ideal with DJ (Pro) and Best Novice showing with Ingrid

Special thanks to all those who rode for us – an awesome job! and to all those who volunteered for the event! And for all those who helped sponsor the event!