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SW Update – Marcha Gait Genectics

Dr. Ann, Dr Laura collecting data from Epico Capim Fino, who became the Champion of Champions at this year’s show

Dr. Ann Staiger of Cornell University is researching gaited horse breeds to find the “gait gene”.  Her studies also include lots of measurements of the angles and body parts of the horse to determine the role of conformation and gait.

Ann recently traveled to Brasil during the 2012 MM National Show at the invitation of the ABCCMM  and collected several hundred 100 samples there from champion Marchadors.  To date, this is the best and largest cooperation from a gaited breed association that she has received.

We are all looking forward to her final paper and maybe a video presentation!!!

Ann pulling hair for the DNA during a championship class


Attached is a copy of an article that appeared in the ABCCMM magazine.  It is in Portuguese and English.  Enjoy.

Genetica da Marcha


For a video of the marcha gaits, go to this page.  https://futurefoal.net/?page_id=265


The study includes all gaited breeds and participation is welcome.   For more information about the study or about Ann, please visit the Brooks Equine Genetics @ Cornell website by following this link http://ansci.cornell.edu/brooks/study_intro.html