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Brasilian Saddle Horse

Artemis do Summerwind during ABCCMM inspection

There is a promotional campaign running during the FIFA and WORLD CUP in Brasil for their horses.  Designed to introduce their horses to the international community, the promotion is called the BRASILIAN SADDLE HORSE!

Horse Illustrated will be featuring the Marchador next year based on this initiative.

The Marchador is one of the breeds that is being featured as The Brasilian Saddle Horse, but there are others, including one that shares the same root, the Mangalarga (Paulista).

To read more about the 2 breeds and their split, here is a Summerwind Newsletter from the past!  SEPTEMBER 2011


Also included in this issue:

  • Mangalarga vs Mangalarga Marchador
  • The Catalogue
  • News from Friends
  • News from SW



SW Update – 2011 SW Award winners

The SW Award Program recognizes your efforts to promote the awesome Marchador breed using a SW Marchador (bred, sold or imported).   Getting our Marchadors in the spotlight – out into national or local all-breed events is not only fun, it helps others to see the quality, versatility and performance of the breed.   Any horse purchased from Summerwind, their foals or the product of a breeding from or to a Summerwind horse is eligible.
We couldn’t be happier that this year’s big winner was Laurie Klassen and Beethoven do Summerwind.  Read their story and you will agree!
Congratulations, Laurie and Beethoven!  (cheers and tears of joy!) 

The 2011 SW Award Winners are:

Over 10 points:
  • Laurie Klassen, owner, Beethoven do Summerwind  $500
  • Laurie Klassen, rider, Beethoven do Summerwind, $100
Over 5 points: No winners
1-4 points – Land’s End Gift Certificate
  • Kristy Everson and Amadeus do Summerwind
  • Rox Rogers and La Paz Jivago
  • Marli Wood and Caesar do Summerwind
Laurie’s Winning Entry
  • IberianBreed Demo.  June 11
  • Dressage/jumpingcamp. June 27- July 1
  • Inner citykids and horses day. (EAL )  July 13
  • CompetitiveTrail Challenge.   June 25 and July 23
  • Gaited clinic  Aug 12-14
  • HeritageDays Parade.  Aug 20
  • All BreedGaited Show Sept 2-4
Laurie and Beethoven - blue ribbon winners!
In addition, we participated in many trail rides, horse camping, ground and water training. (I believe he will need the services of a psychologist to totally rise above his waterphobia 🙂 )  We also logged many miles endurance training.   (Beethoven has a strong opinion about endurance…boring! ) Lastly, I started him on cattle before winter came.