Brasilian Saddle Horse

Artemis do Summerwind during ABCCMM inspection

There is a promotional campaign running during the FIFA and WORLD CUP in Brasil for their horses.  Designed to introduce their horses to the international community, the promotion is called the BRASILIAN SADDLE HORSE!

Horse Illustrated will be featuring the Marchador next year based on this initiative.

The Marchador is one of the breeds that is being featured as The Brasilian Saddle Horse, but there are others, including one that shares the same root, the Mangalarga (Paulista).

To read more about the 2 breeds and their split, here is a Summerwind Newsletter from the past!  SEPTEMBER 2011

Also included in this issue:

  • Mangalarga vs Mangalarga Marchador
  • The Catalogue
  • News from Friends
  • News from SW