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Luna do Summerwind Arrives! Nov 2, 2017

Luna is here!  Her dam is Isabelle do Great Lakes, a beautiful blue roan Marchador mare.  Also known as Izzy, she is owned by Karen Livesay and Randy Conilogue, breeding with us as Future Foal @ Sedona.

Her sire is Talisma Kafe, a black and white tobiano stallion, using imported frozen semen.  The semen is from Haras Elfar, a prominent Marchador breeding farm in Brazil.  Luna is the full sibling to Jedi-Knight do Summerwind, now 2 years old.

Everything we hoped for, and more!    She has been reserved by Christine and Craig McNeil.

Congratulations to Christine and Craig!   We are so impressed with your baby!

Christine writes ” I have a life-long love of horses and have ridden over the years as often and as much as possible.  I have known for a very long time the incredible benefits of being around horses and the bond that can be had between horse and human.  I also have a special interest in equine assisted therapy both for physical and psychological challenges.  Now that my husband, Craig, and I are nearing retirement, I am able to realize my dream of owning horses.  I focused my search on gaited horses and came across the Marchador breed and SummerWind Marchadors. We are purchasing our 2 horses through Future Foal and are very excited for the day we can bring them home to northern Wisconsin where we will be retiring.”

We can’t wait for you to come and see your new baby!   She is stunning!  And friendly!   Below are some photos of Luna and her almost daily  visitors since being born.

L** foal do Summerwind is coming in November!

Interested in Owning or Investing in a Marchador?  L** foal do Summerwind is available for full or partial reservation now!  Often, our foals are sold before they are born.  If you are thinking about this  Future Foal, let us know!

For Full Ownership, reserve for $9,000 – payment plans available.    For investment or partial ownership, contact us for options that might work for you.

Thinking ahead!  To be born in AZ in November 2017, (Marchadors use real birthdays, not January 1!), this foal will be ready to go around May 2018.

A full sibling to Jedi-Knight do Summerwind, pictured here, this foal has a 25% chance of black or black tobiano (like his sire) or blue roan tobiano or blue roan (like his dam).   We expect this foal to mature at 15 hands and have a smooth gait.


Isabelle – IZZY!  is a 14.2H  blue roan mare, the daughter of 2 imported Marchador horses.   She is so beautiful with an exquisite head and look about her.   So much fun to ride! –  A Marcha batida gait that is both fast and smooth.   Lots of confidence that she passed on to her first foal Jedi-Knight.   We are expecting the same results in this baby.  To read more about Izzy and to see more photos, follow this link:   AZ – Isabelle do Great Lakes.

Talisma Kafe is the sire using imported frozen semen from Brazil.   Talisma has had 4 foals here in North America and all of them have been spectacular!    We are expecting the same here; it’s in his genes.   Talisma is the son of JB stallion Palhaco de Ituvavera, who produced so many Brazilian champions – Elo Kafe de Nova, Tiguaro Kafe are 2 of the top ones.   His name in the pedigree is gold.

Talisma is a stunning black and white tobiano stallion.  Sweet and gentle, he has a marcha picada or center gait.   His offspring is winning in the show ring in mostly marcha picada classes.    For more information and photos on Talisma, follow this link:  Talisma Kafe

Shannon Ford Art Poster Raises Money for Marchadors in Need



With your donation of $15 plus shipping and handling, we will send you this fine poster of a magnificent Mangalarga Marchador suitable for framing!       The funds collected will be allocated to a fund for Marchador Horses in need.  Because this is a fund-raiser, you can also contribute more.

The photo is her young stallion Canadian Regente, son of Talisma Kafe x Regina de Lazy T.

Limited quanties available!   The poster is on high gloss paper and is a copy of an original.  The horse depicted is her young stallion Canadian Regente in vibrant colors.   For any art or Marchador afficiando, this is a great piece to decorate your walls!

You can order yours today using the Paypal button below or send a check to Lynn Kelley, 10487 E Rising Sun Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85262 who is distributing the poster.

Shannon Ford Art Poster

Meet Shannon Ford (bio from her website)

Shannon Ford is a natural born artist and an animal lover since childhood, Shannon Ford was born in Regina Saskatchewan, totally enchanted by the natural world. She was raised on a farm west of Calgary where she grew up loving Art and knowing horses, cattle and wildlife.

Shannon paints in both her Studios in Alberta, and in BC where she and her sweetheart Denis breed Mangalarga Marchador horses.

Best known for her intuitive contemporary painting style and her use of her hand made precious and semiprecious gemstone powers, Shannon gives credit to her intuition, imagination and dreams in guiding her painting process.

Shannon’s collectors value most the unique way her paintings appear well drawn and technically accurate from a distance while being free flowing, naturally abstract and infused with multiple colours when viewed from close up.

She binds her love for sculpture and gemstones with her love for painting by incorporating her own handmade precious and semiprecious gemstone powders (and sometimes even cut gemstones and 24 Karat Gold or Palladium) to create paintings with a unique quality of surface, light and colour; capturing more deeply the true essence and beauty of the subject she is painting.


Jedi-Knight born October 11!

We had a big crowd welcoming Jedi-Knight into the world on Sunday night!  At least 10 people hanging over the stall!

Maiden mare Isabelle do Great Lakes was superb!  What a good mother she is!  Nicknamed Izzy, she is owned by Karen Ann Livesay,  Future Foal @ Sedona.   And the surprise package is a pinto colt!   He is reserved by Elizabeth and D.J. Sims also in AZ, who will become Marchador breeders!   The whole atmosphere was charged with excitement and awe.

Jedi’s sire is Brazilian Marchador stallion Talisma Kafe, a black and white pinto, using imported frozen semen.

Here are some photos of Jedi’s first night.  Watch for new posts!  He is a cutie!

Izzy on Sunday before the birth and the first photos of Jedi-Knight do Summerwind.

IMG_1927 DSC_0161



SW Future Foal @ Sedona!


Photo shoot! Isabelle do Great Lakes. Photo by Jess Lee
Photo shoot! Isabelle do Great Lakes. Photo by Jess Lee

With Karen’s purchase of Isabelle do Great Lakes, SW Future Foal gained a new breeder!  Welcome to Future Foal @ Sedona, and Karen Livesay and Randy Conilogue who want to invest and contribute to the future of the Mangalarga Marchador breed here in North America!

About Karen:

She’s a native Southern Californian of Costa Rica-Nicaragua Indian descent.   Undergrad from UCLA, MBA from Pepperdine’s Graziado School of Business and doctoral study in Systems Theory from Fielding Institute all contributed to her future as an entrepreneur and businesswoman.  Karen has had an exciting and intense business career.   She ran her own million dollar manufacturing company, directed support services in a Fortune 5 company, and held an adjunct business school faculty position at California Lutheran University.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABut she discovered a real passion as an extreme outdoor adventure lover following years of horseback riding, mountain biking, backpacking, river rafting, kayaking, mountain climbing, rappelling, cross-country skiing and lots of hiking. She also became a powered parachute basic flight instructor and a police-trained and certified mounted Arizona Ranger.

For Karen, Four Winds Adventures, a large-event planning company she established in 1996, was a culmination of a lifetime of loves and expertise. Selling the company’s premiere property, the Sedona Marathon, to the Sedona Chamber of Commerce in 2011 has allowed her to become a world traveler, art collector, breeder of Mangalarga Marchador gaited horses, and philanthropist.  Married to her husband since 1981, they fostered two older children for 11 years, and she is a cancer survivor.

About Randy:

Randy Conilogue, PhD EE, retired

Randy was born and raised in the central California valley. In school, Randy excelled in science and math and played trumpet in various bands and music assemblies. He attended Bakersfield College concentrating on science and physics classes in anticipation of pre-med education studies. He soon changed his focus to Physics, because he said, “It is more challenging than pre-med” – and little did he know how challenging it would be.

fullsizeoutput_4fedIn the summers, Randy worked for his father, an industrial electrical contractor, wiring commercial buildings and facilities, as an apprentice electrician to earn money for college. Randy transferred to the University of California Los Angeles, UCLA, and his educational focus became Electrical Engineering. Entering the UCLA Electrical Engineering School, Randy Completed his BS, MS, and PhD degrees with a primary focus on Semiconductor Physics. Meanwhile, while working on his Masters degree, he hired into Hughes Aircraft as a summer hire, eventually becoming a fellowship employee, and thereafter continued to work for Hughes and its successive companies, Hughes Electronics and Raytheon. Randy worked on airborne radars, missile seekers, GPS, and other defense systems.

While at UCLA, Randy met his future wife (though he did not not know at the time) through friends in the Greek system. They did not see each other for many years after college and later reconnected and married and have been married over 35 years.

In 1997 Randy and Karen decided to move to Sedona AZ, sold their home in Thousand Oaks, CA the day it listed, and Karen went off to Sedona to build their new house. Randy meanwhile continued working for Hughes in California. In 2000, he transferred to Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson, AZ. Meanwhile he and Karen fostered two boys for 11 years. Randy retired from Raytheon in 2011.

After retirement, the commuting from Sedona to Tucson and back stopped, and Randy and Karen started to travel around to world to bucket list places such as London, Paris, Africa, Dubai, Rome, Prague, Budapest, Alaska, New Orleans, Pagosa Springs, Istanbul, Greece, Croatia, Brazil, China, Russia, and many others.

Randy and Karen are starting to slow down the foreign travel and enjoy their horses and pets and retirement lifestyle. Randy decided a new challenge and education was in store, by learning to ride, train, and understand Karen’s horses. His favorite statement on one of his first rides, as the Missouri Foxtrotter horse bolted for home along a cliff, was – “I’m gonna die!!!!!!!!”. He did not die and now is riding Karen’s sweet natured Mangalarga Marchadors and telling Karen how she should train them (not the wisest move to a woman who has had horses since childhood). At first Randy couldn’t even say Mangalarga Marchador, instead referring to them as a Maquiladora Margaritas. Now he is interested in them as wonderful athletic companions with strong, exotic and graceful looks.

fullsizeoutput_4f51In additional to riding and traveling, Randy likes to hike and bike, and volunteers with the local Boy Scouts of America troop in Sedona as an assistant scoutmaster, and the First Robotics Competition in Phoenix Arizona as a robot inspector and Workshop coordinator. He supports the Mangalarga Marchadors breed through Summerwind Marchadors and he and Karen are committed to seeing the legacy of the breed continue in the USA in their own breeding program with Summerwind.

Karen and Randy also own 2 Marchador geldings:  Flying Oaks Pegasus and Jorge-Ben de Lazy T.

Karen and 3 year old Isabelle do Great Lakes doing great at ground work!
Karen and 3 year old Isabelle do Great Lakes doing great at ground work!

SW Future Foal specializes in genetics, focusing on unique, outstanding Marchador horses and bloodlines.

SW Future Foal @ Sedona will be breeding Isabelle do Great Lakes this fall to Talisma Kafe, using frozen semen imported from Brazil.   With his extraordinary conformation, smooth gait and COLOR,  we are expecting greatness!    Izzy, affectionately named, has a great marcha too.   She is flashy, but sweet, super intelligent and people-oriented.  She is a half-sister to Summerwind’s Koyote Libertas and Brasilia do Summerwind who you may know and love already.

Contact us to reserve a Future Foal ” do Summerwind” to be born Fall 2017..

Click here to read more about Isabelle do Great Lakes (IZZY!)

Click on the PDF file to get a flyer with SW Future Foal locations and contact information!  Now breeding in AZ (2 locations), CO, NC, and SK!

 SW Future Foal Flyer