Talisma Kafe

Owned in Condominium in Brazil Imported Frozen Semen  from Haras El Far, Brazil  Only 3 insemination doses in inventory in 2019.

Breed: Mangalarga Marchador
Gait: Marcha de Centro
Stud fee: $2500 per insemination dose.  
Height: 15 H
Born: December 2000
Registry: ABCCMM; Approved for Breeding

Talisma Kafe, pure JB.

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12439217_459018270954902_5023357053976833523_nTalisma Kafe is currently the one of 2  tobiano Marchador stallions available for breeding in North America.  Besides his great color, he is a rare beauty, with exceptional conformation with a forward moving marcha that is easy to ride and to watch.  He is not homozygous, so there is a 50% chance for tobiano offspring.

His gait is a very smooth marcha de centro.   His foals can be marcha picada, marcha de centro or marcha batida, depending on the mare.  But in all cases, he will improve the marcha and the smoothness.

Talisma Kafe
Talisma Kafe

Talisma is from the JB Bloodline.  Himself an ELITE stallion, he is the son of  the even more  famous sire Palhaço de Ituverava, who is also the sire of Elo Kafe da Nova (#1) and Tigrao Kafe (#2), the leading MM sires in Brazil today.   His mother is from Original de Santa Lucia x Senaleza Kafe.  She is a genetic reproducer of great gait.  She also has produced many champions.   Kafe is one of the great breeders of Marchador horses in Brazil.

Click here to see the magazine issue about Kafe.

Talisma Kafe is owned in condominium by several top Marchador breeders in Brazil.   We are truly fortunate to have his frozen semen here!


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