Talisma Pedigree

For a copy of Talisma’s pedigree,  please contact us.  PDF file requested to load here. 

Talisma Kafe is an ELITE stallion.  One measure of greatness is Brasil’s ELITE book – a registry of National Champion Marchadors who also produced National Champions.  Parents and grandparents that are ELITE champions matter the most.  Further back in the pedigree, it becomes less of an indicator.

The ELITE book is not the only measure of quality however.   Some Marchador breeders prefer not to show their horses, but to prove them in other ways — like cavalgadas, sports, cattle and ranch work etc.  Also, until 2005, there were no classes at the shows for Marcha Picada horses.

Talisma’s sire Palhaco de Ituverava has produced several horses in the ABCCMM Elite book including: Talento Kafe, Tigrao Kafe and Elo Kafe de Nova.  Palhaco (also known as Omelete JB) and his bloodline ancestors are JB horses who were entered into the ABCCMM books late  when the DNA standard forced several Mangalarga breeders (JB was one) to transfer or dual register their horses with the ABCCMM.   JB is one of the foundation bloodlines, but they registered and showed their horses with the Mangalarga breed association, a cousin to the Marchador breed.

Elite Book Horses in Talisma’s immediate background:

  1. Palhaco de Ituverava, sire (Super ELITE)
  2. Almanaque da Ogar
  3. Paraguaia da Ogar
  4. Armistico e Santa Lucia
  5. Juta Kafe, dam 
  6. Original de Santa Lucia (grandsire) in Super ELITE BOOK, fewer horses with that distinction
  7. Paulista de Santa Lucia (Super ELITE)
  8. Bela Vista de Santa Lucia
  9. Imperatriz de Santa Lucia

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