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SW Update – Colorado, here we are!

It’s an annual migration to Colorado in late April or early May!  And it’s a good thing too, as the temperatures in Scottsdale are almost in triple digits.   We love being able to enjoy riding and the outdoors every day!   And the horses….. well, the horses are just different here.  They look better, more alive, taller, shinier!   There is no way to fully describe it.

By now, it’s our 6th year here, they know where they are.  They know the routine.  Koyote comes off the trailer and gaits right down the barn aisle to his stall.   He’s so smart!  We need to get them adjusted to the grass, but that is about it.

I guess by now, we know the routine too.  We were unpacked that night and we started riding the very next day!  Even by our standards, that was fast.   The only change for us is that we are getting older – but what’s wrong with more wine on the porch watching the elk or deer graze across the street?   Perhaps this is the year without the laundry list of projects.  Bring on the trail rides in the mountains, new journeys to Taos, maybe visiting the LONE RANGER movie set and just enjoying each wonderfully clear, crisp Colorado morning.

We’d love to share Colorado with you!  Come and meet the Marchador and share our passion.

As always, thanks to Ned Leigh for taking such good care of our horses during the ride here.  www.nedleighequinefocus.com

Take a look into our life!  If you click on a photo, you can get the large image.

SW Update – 2012 Breeding Plans

Fidalgo do Summerwind, a 2011 baby reserved by Lynn Boone, NC

Normally, SW Future Foal only breeds by reservation.  Reserving a foal today means that the baby will be born next year in February or March.   We work with you to make sure we are breeding the combination of parents that will produce the ultimate horse that you desire.   All of the parents are proven producers and we can tell you about them and the foals they have produced (still working on that on this website!)

2012 is coming out a little differently.  Because we imported frozen semen from Brasil, we will be breeding this year – to prove the semen’s effectiveness – whether or not we have a reservation for the foal.  WE KNOW THEY WILL BE GREAT!

Like this! Maripa bloodlines are proven and pure.

SW Future Foal Breedings:

  1. Oma de Maripa, at Agro Maripa, Brasil. Frozen semen exported to the U.S.

    Azenha de Maripa x Ximoio de Maripa – to be bred in March.  Her foal is not yet reserved and may be retained by SW.  Private treaty pricing – it will be more than $6,000.

  2. Bossa Nova de Miami x Oma de Maripa – to be bred in March.  Her foal is already reserved.
  3. Brasilia do Summerwind x Oma de Maripa – already bred.   Foal is not yet reserved and is currently planned to stay with SW.   If offered, it will be private treaty pricing, e.g. more than $6,000.
  4. Elba Cruzalta x Tiziu de Maripa – to be bred in March.   Foal will be born in NC.  Foal is not yet reserved and is currently planned to stay with SW @ Lumber Bridge.
  5. Luminosa da Joatinga x Ator Fazenda Zouga – she has been sold to Flying Oaks Ranch in Oklahoma, but the foal can be reserved from them.  Asking $6,000  (She’s been removed from the SW website, but you may have seen her there before)
  6. Bacara do Summerwind – We were not planning to breed this year, but perhaps an option.  Pricing would depend on stallion choice. (Bossa Nova daughter; she will be added to the website soon!)  Located in NC.

Beethoven do Summerwind, the product of Azenha de Maripa and La Paz Jivago. Owned by Laurie Klassen, SK, Canada.

SW Future Foal Embryos:

  1. Azenha de Maripa x La Paz Jivago A glorious combination.  Foal will be the full sibling to Beethoven do Summerwind, bay or buckskin or dunskin and maturing around 15 or 15.1H.

Currently, only 1 frozen embryo is left for sale.   In 2013, we plan to replenish our stock with exquisite and unique combinations from SW breeding stock and Brasilian frozen semen.  If we are lucky, perhaps that is also the year that we import frozen embryos from Brasil.

Because the embryos are frozen, they can be implanted in any recipient mare.




La Paz Jivago, imported dun-skin Marchador stallion.

SW Frozen Semen Offered for Sale:

  1. La Paz Jivago
  2. Oma de Maripa
  3. Tiziu de Maripa
  4. Ximoio de Maripa

We are expecting shipment of one more stallion’s frozen semen in 2012, but can’t predict when it will be.  He is a black and white pinto.

Do you have plans of your own?  Use our frozen semen with one of your mares to make your dreams come true.