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Gaia’s foal is born!

Born March 26, 2019 to Gaia do Summerwind, a black filly (probably will be grey).

The sire is Fole de Maripa, using imported frozen semen from Agro Maripa, Brazil. Gaia is the first Marchador foal born in the US using imported frozen semen. Gaia’s sire was Oma de Maripa, also from Agro Maripa. This foal marks the fourth generation for Summerwind Marchadors following the mare’s line: Brisa Libertas (imported), Brasilia do Summerwind, Gaia do Summerwind and now her new filly!

Congratulations to Adrienne C. Scheck, owner of Gaia do Summerwind and to Nel Syed and Mark, owners of the new foal. This foal will be going to ENGLAND! where we think it will be the first Marchador in that country.

The added bonus is that the filly was born on Adrienne’s birthday – what a gift!

Jewel do Summerwind, the Movie

Born at 3 p.m. on March 27th!   What a treasure!   A full sister to Gaia do Summerwind, we have another outstanding filly from Oma de Maripa (using imported frozen semen) and Brasilia do Summerwind.

Oma de Maripa has foals here in the US and we have more frozen semen to create again.
Oma de Maripa has foals here in the US and we have more frozen semen to create again.

Brasilia looks stunning and elegant again, just hours after she looked hot and slow carrying this big foal around!

Summerwind_Marchador_horse_10Jewel is a very TALL foal and her IGG results were off the charts (healthy).  We just know she will be great!

The Marchador is the ultimate Brazilian Saddle Horse.  With fewer than 300 horses here in North America, every foal is precious and welcomed.   We are fortunate to have frozen semen from several stallions from Agro Maripa in Brazil.   With their emphasis on genetics, their Marchadors are truly gaited sport horses with beauty and temperament guaranteed!

October Photos

Some photos from around our ranch and sometimes a bonus “do Summerwind” horses.


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