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Summerwind Marchadors & Summerwind Future Foal Breeders
“Expect to be impressed!”Celebrating Azenha de Maripa!

2022 will be her retirement year from having babies! But first, Azenha and daughter Leia do Summerwind are both expecting foals in February! It’s Azenha’s last foal and Leia’s first foal. It’s so special. Azenha was imported from Brazil over 15 years ago, and has produced wonderful foals for us — Beethoven, Hawke, Hemingway, Leia, North Star and soon Q baby.
Guess the foal birthday contest going on for both of them. Respond to this email. Pick the right day and win a prize from Summerwind. But the real prize is healthy moms and babies for mother and daughter.

Summerwind – Pagosa Springs 
D.j. Sims Klein, Silver Stables, has moved to Pagosa Springs along with her husband Garrett and their 4 dogs. D.j. will be managing the Pagosa Summerwind ranch barn and property for us. With more time in Colorado, D.j. is planning to increase the number of summer camps and retreats in 2022! Watch for more news and dates for coming to visit us in Pagosa Springs!

We plan to keep Pagosa! Focused primarily on raising babies and training – both horses and people.
First photo is moving day to CO – January 10!

NEW: Summerwind – Simsbury

We have found a 22 acre farm in Simsbury CT so we can move closer to family. We are expanding!

Because the buildings need major repairs and rebuilding, John and I will be moving there with 6 horses (we hope) in 2023. An additional farm in the East will be great for the MM breed to expand and great for Summerwind too.  We are planning to move mostly older MM horses with us and may offer it as a retirement home for any MM in need.  

On the property is an old English barn circa 1830. If we can save it, this will be our event facility and we plan to run a lot of events. Plan to come visit us!

I will be traveling more in the winter months so you can expect to see me show up in warm places, lol! And back to Pagosa for a summer retreat to ride and stay in the mountains. 

Summerwind – AZ, TX, WA
We will still be breeding in Arizona and Texas with our breeders in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Sedona and Corpus Christi! 
But one more move there as well.

Elizabeth Sims, Silverwind Marchadors has moved too. She is about a mile from her old ranch. The new address is 38326 N 31st Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85086. It’s a work in progress, but the horses are all there already and look settled and happy. Planned to be a breeding operation, foaling operation, training and events facility.

And we will add a new training option in the San Juan Islands, WA too! More news on that later in the year.

More News from Summerwind Marchadors!
2022 is a banner year for Summerwind Marchador babies! All 6 foals have been reserved. 

For 2023, we have 3 foals reserved, including the first foal expected by Kharisma do Summerwind and the last by Talisma Kafe, who has produced wonderful babies in the US and Canada.

If you are thinking of a 2023 “future foal” out of our Summerwind mares, still available would be the first foal for Giselle do Dreamcatcher (La Paz Jivago is our pick), or foals from Leia do Summerwind or Boneca da Lusonatica
.Great visit from our UK friends!
Nel and Jackie. Left, Nel (pictured above with Paloma) owns Nola do Summerwind who will be starting under saddle this year. Jackie is with Giselle do Dreamcatcher who will be inspected this April. Photo of Jackie and Giselle by Jennifer Jeung.

Booking Now for 2022 Breedings! Let’s talk about the right one for you! Adding 2 in 2022! 
Summerwind Dates!
Early February – first MM foals born – to Azenha de Maripa and her daughter Leia do Summerwind. Come visit!
February 20 Working Equitation (WE) clinics continue. Phoenix, AZ Contact us for the full schedule. With Amy Star, instructor.
March 1 – first MMs leave for Colorado.April – more foals being born! to Boneca da Lusonatica and Luna do Summerwind. Come visit! 
May 1 – 2 ABCCMM Inspection Days – various ranches in AZ. We will be setting up a schedule so you can come join us!

“When are you old enough to start living your dream? “
We are thankful every day for our Marchador horses that keep us moving. Start your journey. Come visit us in 2022! 

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Winters:  Outwest Stallion Station,15419 E Rio Verde Dr. Scottsdale, AZ 85262
Summers:  Summerwind Ranch, 145 Oxford Pl., Pagosa Springs CO 81147
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Nandor is here!

Nandor, the Marchador, was born on April 24, 2019, to MM owners and SW breeders Karen Ann Livesay and Randy Conilogue. He is the son of Arun de Maripa x Isabelle do Great Lakes.

Nandor do Summerwind is the second N foal born this year. One more is expected in June in Texas.

He is a delightful foal, easygoing and friendly as you can see from the photos.

Our thanks to Agro Maripa for sharing their high quality, proven stallions with us using imported frozen semen.

The Mane Event, Westworld May 26-28

Imported MM mare Gralha M.U.G and D.J. Sims of Silver Stables Marchadors.

Mangalarga Marchador horses will be there at the MANE EVENT!

The USMMA will have an association booth and local Summerwind and Future Foal breeders will be bringing their horses.   They and other USMMA members will be manning the association booth.   It’s a great place to come and meet a Marchador!

Besides information at the booth, we are hoping for ring time to present the Marchador breed, speaker time and also photo-op time! Come to the barns and meet a Marchador.

Here is some more information about the event and how to get tickets:

The Mane Event Scottsdale May 26-28, 2017 will be the first annual event at the world class facility of WestWorld at Scottsdale.  This venue allows the all equine trade show, one arena, the lecture/demo area and the Round Pen to be under one air conditioned roof. While we do have one arena outside it is also under a roof and we will have water misters to help keep the attendees cool.

Over the last 13 years at other locations The Mane Event has hosted some of the best and most knowledgeable horse trainers and educators from North America and beyond! We pride ourselves on providing education on cutting edge training methods, equine health, equine entertainment and of course one of the largest and most diverse equine only trade show for your shopping pleasure.

Come and experience what our attendees call “The Mane Event”

For details and tickets, follow this link:



SW Update – Marchadors on RFD TV!

Rick and Diane did a SUPERB job of creating a great overview of the Marchador breed.

For anyone who wants to see a Mangalarga Marchador and know – its roots and heritage, the gaits, the breed, here is a great video to watch.


About 20 minutes of pure enjoyment! Sit back, kick your boots off and join them on location in BRASIL!