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Brazil Trip 2013

Cheese bread!  Cachaca (sp)!  Old friends! New friends!  Marchador horses!  It was a trip to heaven – I mean Brazil!   It was the best of all worlds – I got to attend the National Show AND go out to visit farms!  Perfect!

Photos below!   If you click on the photo, it will show full-size and then you will need to hit the BACK button to return to the gallery and post.

We visited two farms in Brazil, a favorite of mine, Agro Maripa and a new one for me, but by no means new, Morada Nova.  Exquisite horses and fantastic Brazilian hospitality.  I am always happy to be in Brazil.

At the National Show, the event provided a good mix of entertainment and business.   We met old friends, and some new ones there.  It feels like home to me.    I went down with Rick Schatz, the Marchador breeder from Flying Oaks Ranch.   We did some business there on the Brazilian Saddle Horse project.   We did some shopping.  We admired the horses in the show and at the farm booths.   We did some ABCCMM registration work on U.S. Marchadors for several breeders.

Of great interest was the ABCCMM/APEX collaboration on the project Brazilian Saddle Horse.   APEX strives to promote Brazilian products around the world and has many offices here in the U.S.  They have already worked with the ABCCMM promoting the Marchador breed in Europe and also at the Carnaval in Rio 2013.   Their next events may be in the US in an affiliation with the PBR, Professional Bull Riding.  We will have to wait and see.  Also in the works is the Marchador at other big horse and non-horse events like the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympics in Brazil.

To read more about Brazil and the national show, you can keep reading!