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SW Update – Lynn’s Corner, Crossties

Here at SW Future Foal, we don’t use cross-ties.   We use the Aussie tie rings from Clinton Anderson because we like the horse to be able to pull back if they feel they need to.   However, we know many barns have cross-ties, in the wash rack, for the farrier etc.

So, here is a training tip from Lynn Boone, NC:

This is how we train our horses to the cross ties.

  1. They have a “breakaway” halter.
  2.  For the first few times we have someone at their head with a regular leadrope.  That person will drop the lead rope, walk away with a “whoa” command. Then after a few seconds, return and reward the horse for standing still. After a few times and when the horse is calm, the person grooming will put the horse in cross ties, lead rope hanging down, give the whoa command, walk around the horse (not necessarily behind, depending on how calm they are) and return and reward.  The time in cross ties during the first few sessions is very short at first with lots of positive reinforcement.
  3. Repeat as often as needed until the horse is calm and stands still.
Photo of twine in between the clips on cross ties.

Perhaps this should be number one! The cross ties are attached to a small piece of breakable twine and a double end clip. I use that at the halter instead of quick release clips, because lets face it, if a horse is having a meltdown, you sometimes can’t get close enough to release it.  The twine will break easily and there will only be a double end clip hanging from the halter.

As another safety note, do not leave your horse unattended for long periods of time.

It is a rather long training process but  I have never had a bad result.

SW Update – NC gets 3 of the best MMs!

Before leaving for the MM clinic and Colorado, we said goodbyes to more Marchadors that we love.  North Carolina more than doubled its MM population from 2 to 5 with this one move.  (Both of the new owners already owned one Marchador mare.)  We have known since before birth, that these SW Future Foals would be going, but that doesn’t make it easier to see them off.

We made these videos to send them off to the new homes. (We sent a whole care package out with our foals and the video is just part of the information and “stuff” that come with each SW Future Foal.)   We had some trepidation because of the long trip, but also knowing that Ned Leigh would take great care.   We waited for the reports to come in from the new owners.  And they were THRILLED — just as we expected.  We are thrilled for them!

We rode Bella (Elba Cruzalta) and Bacara do Summerwind for a short ride last Wednesday. Bella was a bit concerned leaving Tigre but handled beautifully.  She is so smooth and well behaved.  I absolutely love that horse.”  Tigre is well accepted by all the mares and is quite the celebrity here.”  Jeff Bosley, SW Future Foal @ Lumber Bridge, NC

Fidalgo is doing so well. I can tell what a great training base you gave him. He moves away from pressure beautifully, and is generally very responsive.   Fidalgo now comes when he sees me, even though he is out with Aries (8month saddlebred colt) and the other day I had just left the pasture after dropping some hay, and was leaning on the gate watching the horses. Fidalgo left the hay, and Aries, and came over to the gate to say hello.” Lynn Boone, Jacksonville, NC