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SW Update – Looking back, RIP Chanel

A year ago this month, we said goodbye to a favorite Marchador, Chanel de Miami.  Her death was untimely, quick and without warning.   She was a truly great mare.

A daughter of imported Foundation Marchadors, her lineage and history is told in the MM series, the Importers – MM Horse Farms.  The Importers MM Horse Farms

Had she lived, she would have left quite a legacy in her offspring.   Tragically, her sons she are gelded so only one daughter may continue her line.   Destiny do Summerwind is owned by Gayle Hamilton in Texas.  Gayle just won the USMMA Valentine’s story contest by writing about her MM valentine!

Remembering all the great times we had Chanel.

SW Update – Chanel de Miami 1996-2011





Chanel de Miami, pure Herdade bloodlines! The smoothest horse we ever rode.

In memory of our special Chanel:  She didn’t have enough time on earth, but we were happy to have shared it with her. Pure Herdade bloodlines, super beautiful, sweet and smooth. We will miss you until we die.


Chanel was a FOUNDATION Mangalarga Marchador mare, probably with the best picada gait we have ever ridden. The daughter of a champion Calciolandia mare, Verbena owned by the Guerra family. Other Verbena offspring were Folha da Calciolandia, MT, Batuque de Miami, CA and Feitico de Miami, FL. All were wonderfully smooth gaited horses. 

Chanel passed on her beauty and smooth gait to all her foals. Two remain with us now: John’s riding horse, Artemis do Summerwind and Enya do Summerwind, her orphan foal who we will keep. Caesar do Summerwind is in CA with Marli Wood and Destiny do Summerwind is in TX with Gayle Hamilton.

Enya do Summerwind carries on the regal lineage. Pictured with admirer Audrey Everson.

It is a great loss to us and also for the US Marchadors to lose such a good breeding mare. Her 2 daughters will carry on the Herdade genes.