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Working equitation classes

Amy Star will be our instructor here in Scottsdale on selected Sundays to teach us the basics of dressage and ease of handling parts of working equitation.

Here are the dates:

Feb 9, Mar 8, Mar 29, Apr 12 and May 3.

Working Equitation is a fast-growing sport competition which accepts any breed, any style of tack and all levels of horses and riders.

The sport teaches a variety of skills and the horse and rider team are judged on the quality of movement and execution of the tasks. We are learning and growing with the horses.

Contact Lynn to join in.

Some photos below of the Agro Maripa horses in competition in Brazil, and us in class here in Scottsdale.

April Clinic with Ned Leigh

Adrienne C Scheck and Artemis do Summerwind
Adrienne C Scheck and Artemis do Summerwind

Sign up today for 2 days of fun and learning at our April Clinic.

Saturday – Ground work training with Precision

Sunday – Riding with Precision  (same steps as taught the day before on the ground.

Clinic Options

Bring your horse or use one of our Marchador horses.   Active participants and auditors welcome!    Beginners welcome!  Share the journey!


Ned Leigh, of Ned Leigh Equine Focus Horse Training in Paulden AZ.  Ned has over 30 years experience in starting and training horses.   He can teach you and your horse how to gain respect and confidence, starting on the ground.   Ned trains all breeds  of horses, including Marchador horses now for several  MM owners and MM breeders, including Flying Oaks Ranch and Future Foal @  Summerwind, Future Foal @ Sedona.


OutWest Stallion Station, 15419 E Rio Verde Drive, Scottsdale, AZ.   Rear lot facility, drive into the facility.  Gate will open automatically on Saturday when you pull up.   Park in trailer parking lot.

Questions – call or email Lynn Kelley 602-999-3915 or futurefoal@gmail.com