Ned’s Lead Line Mgmt Clinic – July 2014

Lead Line Management – it sounds so simple, doesn’t it?     We learned from Ned – everyone needs this course!   Basics are the building blocks of horsemanship and what we learned in class also translates into riding exercises as well. Find out more about Ned Leigh on his website:

Our learnings from Ned during the clinic:

  1. The backup: This is an important command! It primarily establishes our boundary between us and the horse. This boundary must be maintained and consistent if the horse is ever to truly understand.   There should be at least 4 different commands or ways the horse understands as a request for a backup.
  2. The horse should never be disciplined if they come into our space! It is the fault of the person if this happens. It is the responsibility of the person to control the horse’s approach to the boundary.  We want a relationship with our horse and we’d like them to want to be close to us and not punish them for this.
  3. The forward command is a 3 step process.  Always use the least amount of pressure or request when asking the horse and then move to the second and third step if needed.
  4. Allow the horse the time to think and make decisions.
  5. ALWAYS BE A TEACHER!   It is easy to find ourselves in the mindset to make the horse do what we want and the horse will always suffer for that! To be a teacher we must try to see the lesson from the horse’s point of view. 
  6. Timing is everything!

Photos from the class!  All Marchador horses in the photos!  Most photos credit to Brasilian instructor for Day 2 and Day 3

Video from the Clinic!   Courtesy of Adrienne C. Scheck